How Safe Is Used Pallet Racking?

Forklift Truck in Warehouse

Used pallet racking is a cost-effective way to boost productivity and warehouse efficiency, but safety is vital for a successful operation, and warehouse employees often ask: Is used pallet racking safe? Here are some factors to consider when in the market for used pallet racking.

Why Choose Used Pallet Racking?

There are two main advantages when it comes to selecting used pallet racking.

  • The cost of installing used pallet racking is significantly less expensive than installing a new system, making it a more cost-effective storage option for your business.
  • Installing used pallet racking is also an eco-friendly way to operate your warehouse and can help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

How Safe Is It?

Used Pallet Racking
The safety of your pallet racking systems, whether new or used, comes down to two important factors: the condition and the capacity.


Damaged or worn components can compromise the structural integrity of the system, putting employees at risk of serious injury and costing your company more money long-term to replace damaged inventory and construct new storage systems.

Before purchasing any used pallet racking systems, check for these signs of damage and wear and tear:

  • Broken planks and stringers
  • Missing support blocks
  • Broken beam welds
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Bent beams and diagonals
  • Twisted upright posts


All racking systems have a maximum load capacity suited to the inventory you need to store. Load capacity is generally provided by the manufacturer and indicates that the pallet racking system is safe if the load capacity is not exceeded.

There are two important measurements that you need to consider when determining the maximum load capacity for your system: The beam capacity and the pallet frame capacity. These two measurements will determine both the weight and dimensions of the pallets that you can safely store on your used pallet racking system.

How You Can Improve Safety

If you decide to install used pallet racking, there are several things you can do to maximize the safety of the workplace environment.

Label Your Pallet Racking

Ensure that you load your pallets according to current OSHA regulations regarding weight capacity and pallet dimensions. Pallet racking systems have a maximum load capacity which is supplied by the manufacturer. These load labels should be clearly visible to all warehouse employees at all times.

Train Warehouse Employees

Proper training and clear guidelines on the use of pallet racking system is another way to avoid injury. Formal training courses are available and can help your employees not only protect themselves when using pallet racks but also teach them how to use the racking system more effectively.

Identify Hazards

Hazards are everywhere is the warehouse, including your pallet racking system, whether new or used. Protect employees and your inventory by taking some simple precautions around the hazards in your warehouse.

Install guardrails around your pallet racks to prevent damage from collisions with vehicles and ensure that pallet guards are colored high-visibility yellow to indicate hazards to employees. These preventative measures will ensure that your pallet racks maintain their structural integrity and comply with industry safety standards.

Keep A Clean Workplace

Keeping the workplace clean and the racking aisles clear of clutter is essential for a productive and efficient warehouse operation. It allows staff to move freely and keeps views unobstructed. A well-organized and clean work environment is a safe one.

Final Thoughts

Used pallet racking is a safe and effective way to organize and store inventory in your warehouse. To talk to a storage expert about how you can install used pallet racking in your facility, call Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc on (800)-589-7225.