A Comprehensive Guide to Jaken Wire Shelving and Accessories

Jaken Wire Shelving

Jaken has been producing high-quality shelving units for decades and is known for their durable construction and versatile applications. Read on to learn more about how you can use a Jaken wire rack and shelving unit and accessories to increase your warehouse productivity.

Jaken Stationary Chrome Wire Shelving

Constructed from high-quality materials coated in a rust-proof chrome plating, the Jaken chrome wire shelving unit is designed for heavy-duty use and longevity. The open wire mesh construction allows for optimal visibility and provides a safe storage option by allowing improved air and water circulation for your fire suppression system. The wire shelving also minimizes dust and debris which can damage sensitive inventory.

Stationary units are simple to assemble, and the shelving can be adjusted in 1-inch increments for a versatile and flexible unit that can handle any inventory.

Jaken Mobile Wire Shelving

Mobile shelving units allow you to optimize your warehouse space by allowing you to store more items at a higher density while still allowing easy access. Jaken Mobile Wire Shelving units offer this storage flexibility combined with Jaken’s tough chrome construction.

The wire shelving carts feature 5-inch swivel lock casters for optimal maneuverability and have a 600 lb. capacity. Each cart comes with 4 wire shelves which are fully adjustable in 1-inch increments, and carts are available in 69-inch and 89-inch heights.

Jaken FASTRAK™ Wire Shelving

Jaken FASTRAK™ Wire Shelving is a versatile and simple solution for storing bulky items in your warehouse. All shelving units are easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing you to quickly and easily reconfigure the layout of your storage if necessary.

The Upright Bulk Storage with Wire Mesh Decking is ideal for storing bulky items and offers you’re the flexibility to store items directly in the floor as it does not require a bottom shelf to improve stability. The 5 gauge wire mesh decking provides strong and stable support for your inventory while also allowing for optimal air flow, easy access, and high visibility so you can better track your inventory.

Chrome Wire Shelving Accessories

Jaken Chrome Wire Accessories feature that same durable construction and chrome plating as the Jaken wire shelving unit and allow you to create a flexible shelving system to suit the needs of your facility.

Basket Shelves

Basket shelves are ideal for storing smaller, but related inventory together in the same unit, or for storing items outside of bins that have the potential to roll and fall.

Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers slide neatly into the chrome shelves discretely separating boxes or bins for better organization. They are also ideal for mobile wire shelving to prevent box movement.

Chrome Ledges

Chrome ledges can be installed both in front and at the back of the units as an added precaution against falling inventory.

Safety and Utility Handles

Safety and utility handles can be fitted to the top and sides of your mobile wire shelving units to improve the safety, ergonomics, and maneuverability of the unit.

Document Holders

Document holders attach to the sides of the unit and are perfect for storing information about inventory handling or attaching important labels.


S-hooks can be added anywhere along the units as a way to increase the amount of storage space available per unit. They can also be used for storing electrical cords and wires for warehouse machinery.

Jaken Wire Shelving Accessories

FASTRAK™ Accessories

Jaken FASTRAK™ is completely customizable to suit the type and quantity of inventory stored in your warehouse. There is a range of accessories that are easy to install that offer the best in efficient wire shelving.

FASTRAK™ Uprights

Additional uprights help you to extend your unit to accommodate bulkier items or larger quantities of inventory.

Deluxe Foot Plate

The deluxe foot plate offers added stability security for your FASTRAK™ units by allowing your uprights to be bolted directly into the concrete floor.

Wire Decks

The flexibility of the FASTRAK™ shelving systems allows you to add additional wire shelving and decks as needed.

Final Thoughts

Jaken’s reputation for quality and durability make their wire shelving unit the right choice for any warehouse. Call Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc on 800-589-7225 (RACK) to talk to one of our experts about the benefits of wire shelving to improve your warehouse operation.