10 Must-Have Wire Shelving Accessories

Wire Shelving Accessories

At Shelving +Rack Systems, Inc, our wire shelving units offer the best in flexible storage for your warehouse, and our range of wire rack and shelving accessories like our durable AkroBins® allow you to fully customize your units to suit your storage needs. Here are ten must-have accessories for your wire shelving system.

1. Basket Shelves

Basket shelves are ideal for storing small items that cannot be packed into standard bins or totes. Jaken chrome plated baskets are perfect for heavy-duty use due to the rust-resistant chrome plating, while utility baskets can function for holding essential items in mobile storage units.

2. Shelf Ledges

Shelf ledges are essential for preventing items from rolling and falling on your stationary and mobile shelving units. They can be installed on both the front and back of the unit and come in varying heights.

3. Shelf Dividers

For keeping inventory stable in mobile units, or for improving the organization of the shelves, shelf dividers are a must-have accessory for your wire shelving system. They are easily installed neatly between the ledges of the shelves and are open to allow for air flow and optimal visibility for more efficient storage.

4. Locking Caster Wheels

Mobile wire shelving units are ideal for high-density storage and maximizing your warehouse floor space. However, to increase the safety and stability of the mobile units without sacrificing their maneuverability, locking caster wheels area must have accessory. With a simple press of the foot operated brake, locking casters will instantly turn your mobile unit into a stationary unit.

5. Document Holders

While some warehouses operate with barcodes and paperless technologies, physical documentation should always be available for tracking inventory around your warehouse. A document holder allows you to attach any necessary information about your inventory directly to the unit where it is stored, saving time and effort for your warehouse employees.

6. J-hooks

One of the most versatile of any wire shelving accessory is the J-hook. J-hooks can be added to anywhere on any style of wire shelving unit to optimize the vertical space within the unit. J-hooks can be used for neatly storing machinery power cords, wires and other items that have the potential to tangle. You can also use j-hooks to attach safety and identification labels for more efficient picking and handling.

7. S-hooks

Increase your shelf space and change your unit configuration with ease with the simple s-hook. S-hooks can connect your shelfs side by side or at a 90-degree angle without the need for additional posts.

8. Donut Bumpers

Mobile shelving unit collisions can often occur in the busy warehouse environment, but you can protect your wire shelving units and inventory from damage with donut bumpers installed above your rolling casters.

9. Foot Plates

Foot plates allow you to bolt your stationary wire shelving units directly into concrete to improve the stability and security of your storage. The broad base plate mounts directly to the unit uprights and is available in varying widths for varying levels of stability.

10. Split Sleeves

Split sleeves allow you to customize your units quickly and easily by connecting additional shelves and posts. Most shelving units come with four shelves, but split clips allow you to maximize your storage space without adding additional units. Split sleeves come in varying diameters to suit the posts of different units.

Split sleeves

Final Thoughts

For easy access, safe storage that offers high-visibility, wire shelving is an ideal solution for your warehouse. Talk to an expert at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc, on (800)-589-7225 about how you can use wire shelving accessories to customize your units and improve the efficiency of your warehouse.