What Are the Benefits of Buying a Used Pallet Racking System

Buying Used Pallet Racking System

Warehouse racking systems are essential for storage, manufacturing, and distribution centers. They are typically manufactured from heavy-duty steel, providing the durability and longevity to house vast inventory year-round.

However, new pallet racking can be cost-prohibitive for many startups and those expanding their current facilities. Used pallet racking is an inexpensive solution to ensure that your inventory is organized and secure, allowing for more efficient inventory control and order fulfillment.

Used pallet racking can also be an affordable way to supplement your facility’s current storage system to accommodate seasonal stock fluctuations.

Discover more about the advantages of used pallet rack systems compared with new pallet racks and how Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can help you design and install the ideal used pallet racking system for your warehouse.

Advantages of Used Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are manufactured using heavy-duty materials, such as structural steel or roll formed steel, making them a long-lasting and durable storage solution. If used correctly, they can maintain their weight capacity and structural integrity for decades.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock several high-quality used pallet racking types, offering budget-conscious warehouse managers a cost-effective solution to upgrade their facility. Some of the benefits you can expect from used pallet racks include:


While rack equipment maintains its value, it is still cheaper to buy a used system. Essential factors that characterize high-quality used industrial racking systems include the overall condition, rack configuration, current load capacity, and age.

By increasing space efficiency and warehouse productivity with used equipment, your business can enjoy significant cost savings for reinvestment.


Safety is a major concern in warehouses. You can improve warehouse safety for your staff and storage items by choosing heavy-gauge steel manufactured racks. Heavy-duty racks are durable and long-lasting, making them suitable for reuse.

Warehouse racks aren’t entirely resistant to wear and tear despite their durability. Perform a thorough inspection of used warehouse storage racks before purchasing. While scratches and paint loss are to be expected, be wary of signs of wear and tear or damage. Important signs to look out for:

  • Evidence of heavy impact from forklift trucks or machinery
  • Buckled or warped vertical uprights
  • Horizontal beam deflection
  • Rust build-up
  • Unsecured baseplates
  • Damaged bolt connections

It’s important to have your used pallet racking system professionally inspected after the initial installation as well as once per year afterward. According to the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), a qualified licensed rack engineer should perform a professional rack inspection to ensure used racks are installed according to the Load Application and Rack Configuration (LARC) drawings.

This ensures it stays in good condition and helps your facility meet the OSHA safety standards. OSHA has jurisdiction over approximately seven million sites and commits a significant amount of its resources to safety inspections. Failing to comply with OSHA regulations can result in severe fines.

Ease of assembly

Some used storage equipment enables you to forego the assembly process. While it’s unlikely you’ll receive an entire pre-assembled unit, specific components may be partly assembled. For example, the pallet rack uprights or metal frames may be already put together.

Easy restoration

While you should avoid buying storage equipment with visible signs of damage, scuffs, scratches, and missing paint can be easily restored. Although this may be unnecessary for industrial pallet racks that frequently handle heavy or bulky items, a customer-facing rack shelf may require restoration.

Warehouse shelving and racks can be restored easily using industrial paint, making your equipment more presentable to customers. Industrial paint and floor tape are also helpful to mark forklift travel aisles or pallet rack bays. These help guide workers and forklift operators safely through the facility.

Types of Used Pallet Racking

The types of pallet racking you choose can depend on your inventory management system, the size of your facility, available vertical space, and the type of products you store.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock new and used pallet racking. We inspect all our used racking equipment, including the beams, wire decking, and locking systems, ensuring they meet industry safety standards. Rest assured that all industrial shelving and racking we supply will not have damage that affects the unit’s structural integrity.

While we regularly purchase common types of used pallet racking, not all items on our catalog are available second-hand. Contact us regarding the availability of specific types of used equipment and pallet racking systems. However, our extensive online catalog of new products lists several types of pallet storage which may also be available as a used product depending on our stock.

Selective pallet racking

Selective pallet racking is the most popular style of pallet racking because it offers the most affordable system per pallet position. Selective pallet racking features a straightforward design consisting of two uprights that balance horizontal beams. This enables fast and easy product retrieval, ensuring each pallet is accessible using standard material handling equipment, such as forklifts or dollies.

One of the primary advantages of selective pallet racking is its versatility. A selective pallet rack can be installed, reconfigured, and customized easily. This type of pallet storage system is typically assembled in a single selective configuration, so it is not ideal for high-density storage facilities.

  • Fully welded pallet racking

Our new galvanized steel selective pallet racks are an excellent option for a low-density distribution facility that processes a high product turnover. It comes in a variety of upright frame dimensions and is compatible with pallet supports and several decking options, making it versatile and adaptable to various pallet configurations. This type of rack also facilitates vertical storage, allowing you to maximize your storage space.

  • Teardrop pallet racks

Teardrop pallet racks are another popular type of storage system. We stock teardrop beams, frames, and accessories. One of the critical advantages of slide-in teardrop racking is the quick and easy assembly process. Our new teardrop pallet racking frames are available in several configurations, including assembled and knocked down. They have a weight capacity of up to 26,620 lbs.

We also carry new teardrop uprights from FastRak. They are designed for quick and easy assembly and allow teardrop pallet rack beams to be adjusted at 1-½” increments. Improve the safety of this type of pallet racking system with protection equipment. Our inventory list contains protective items, like pallet stop beams.

Cantilever Racking System

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racks are the gold standard for housing heavier loads and awkward materials, such as lumber, industrial piping, or steel sheets. Cantilever racks are uniquely built with no vertical posts at the front to allow easy access to pallets or inventory. Instead, the base components provide stability to the system, anchoring the structure to the warehouse floor.

The arms tilt upward slightly, allowing for safe product storage. A wide variety of decking options can also be used alongside cantilever racking. Wire decking, U-channel wire decking, waterfall wire racks, or wire mesh decking are popular choices for placing over the arms. However, they are not always necessary for long items like timber, beams, or homeware goods.

We stock cantilever racks and accessory products, allowing you to create custom rack systems designed specifically for your warehouse. Consider Series 2000 cantilever equipment for medium to heavy-duty racking. They are an excellent option for holding large, bulky items. Available in various sizes and load capacities, you can assemble a cantilever rack system that matches the scale of your industrial business warehouse operations.

Our Series 2000 double-sided uprights have a 107” base and a load capacity between 14,600-32,200 lbs. depending on the arm length. The durable arms are adjustable on 3” centers along the entire length of the pallet rack beams, offering versatility for your specific type of storage needs.

Pallet flow racking

Pallet flow rack systems or carton flow systems are a unique type of material handling storage system. Unlike standard racking systems that require forklifts to move goods around a warehouse, carton flow racks rely on gravity rollers or gravity roller tracks to move products from the loading dock to the various pallet racking bays.

Once the warehouse operator places the carton on the carton flow tracks, it moves naturally along the gravity flow lane before being unloaded at a separate dock.

We stock an assortment of accessories and equipment needed for conveyor systems or carton flow racking. If you require a conveyor roller, consider our extruded aluminum options. Our new heavy-duty roller conveyors have a 1,400 lbs. frame capacity for larger goods.

Pushback racking

Pushback racking is a high-density, deep pallet racking option. It allows you to use a two to six-deep pallet configuration. A pushback rack also uses gravity to access the items on inclined rails. It only needs a single aisle for product picking and enables high-volume storage of multiple SKUs.

Unlike selective pallet racks and other double-sided types of pallet racks, pushback racking is loaded from the front side. To load the next pallet, the warehouse operator pushes back the first using the second pallet. Pushback racks are best suited to last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory control systems.

Pushback racking is space-efficient, maximizing utilization within tight spaces. Since they are accessed frequently by forklifts, pushback systems require rack accessories to maintain their condition. When it comes to protective equipment, buying new is the safer option.

We provide column protectors, additional frame protectors, and other items to maintain rack safety. Keep your column upright frame in good condition using our unused safety bollards and corner column protectors. Built from heavy-gauge steel, they protect pallet racking systems, warehouse materials, and inventory and act as safeguards for warehouse staff.

Important Considerations When Buying Used Warehouse Pallet Racking

Choosing the correct type of storage equipment is critical when purchasing pallet rack systems. However, if you’re buying used equipment, there are several other key considerations:

  • Condition of the equipment
  • Pallet rack installation process
  • Understanding your inventory management system
  • Pre-planning the warehouse and floor layout
  • Utilizing available vertical space

Find the Ideal Used Pallet Racking System for Your Facility

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we are more than an equipment supplier. We also provide a broad range of warehouse services, including consultations, planning, and installation.

We use computer-aided design (CAD) technology to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity and help you find the used equipment and warehouse pallet racking to fit your facility’s layout and inventory management systems. We can also assist with obtaining any permits you might need to expand your space.

Browse our digital catalog to view our complete inventory list of upright frame designs, load beams, wire decks, and accessories. For more information on our turnkey services or details on buying used pallet racking or selling your used pallet racking, call us today at (800) 589-7225.