How Much Does it Cost to Install Used Pallet Racking?

Push Back Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is essential in any warehouse or industrial environment requiring storage. However, buying brand new racking units doesn’t always make sense, especially for companies on a tight budget.

Budget-conscious warehouse managers turn to used pallet racking to make the most out of their available space without breaking the bank. Used pallet racking provides high-quality storage and organization for a fraction of the cost of new racking.

Used Selective Pallet Racks

Selective pallet racking systems are the most common type of pallet rack on the market and the least expensive. They allow quick and easy access to the stored pallets and are ideal for warehouses with a fast turnover rate.

Selective pallet racks are available in two forms: single-deep and double-deep. Single-deep selective racks can store one pallet deep per level, whereas double-deep models can store up to two pallets deep per level.

The average cost of used warehouse pallet racks depends on whether it is single-deep or double-deep and whether it uses roll formed or structural steel.

Roll formed pallet racks are the most commonly employed due to their relatively simple construction. They are the least expensive, but they do not offer the highest load capacity available. If you need to store heavy loads frequently, structural steel offers additional strength, impact resistance, and maximum load capacity, but it is also pricier.

Used Pallet Flow Racks

A pallet flow rack is a high-density storage solution with angled beams, where gravity guides each pallet toward the bottom. Forklift operators load pallets from the top end and retrieve them from the bottom end, on the other side of the unit. This system is ideal for facilities relying on First In/First Out (FIFO) inventory management and need higher storage density than selective pallet racks.

Used pallet flow racks are a safe used racking purchase due to their robust, long-lasting steel construction. They are available in many configurations of depth, width, height, and rolling surfaces for the pallets to flow down (e.g., bearings, rollers, etc.).

The more pallets a used pallet flow rack system can support, the more expensive it is.

Used Push Back Pallet Racks

Push back racking, and pallet flow racks are similar in the sense that both rely on gravity. The main difference is the actual flowing mechanism, each suited for a different inventory management method.

Pallets slide down from one end to the next on beams or rollers on a pallet flow system, making it suitable for FIFO warehouses. In contrast, a push back pallet racking system uses a series of rolling carts, where loading and unloading happen from the same end.

Each pallet rides on its own cart; when a forklift operator inserts a new pallet, they must push the current facing pallet back by one position. When a forklift unloads the front-facing pallet, gravity takes over, and the next in line automatically rolls down, making it a perfect solution for First In/Last Out (FILO) facilities.

Like with used pallet flow racks, the cost of used push back racking varies greatly depending on the size and overall condition of the system.

drive in pallet racking

Used Drive-In and Drive-Thru Racks

Drive-in and drive-thru racking are similar storage systems designed with forklifts in mind. Instead of using a mechanism or a gravity-flow system, forklift operators can drive and place pallets directly inside the racking.

Both systems are ideal for high-density, low-variety (few different SKUs), long-term storage. The main difference is inventory suitability.

Drive-in racks have only one entrance for loading and unloading, making them suitable for Last In/First Out (LIFO) inventory management. In contrast, drive-thru racks have two entrances, making it possible to reserve one end of the system for loading and the other for unloading. This racking system is excellent for high-density First In/First Out material handling.

Most used drive-in and drive-thru racks on the market are two- to four-deep, although you may find racks up to eight-deep or more for extra-high density warehouses that rely almost exclusively on this storage system.

The used pricing for both systems is about the same. Like with selective pallet racks, you may find models made from structural steel instead of standard roll formed steel, potentially increasing costs.

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