How to Expand Storage Space in a Warehouse

Warehouse Storage

Storage space is often at a premium in a busy company. Warehouse managers can spend too much time organizing and then re-organizing the warehouse floor. The result may be delays in unloading inventory, not getting items out to distribution centers in time, and a reduction in profit.

To maximize warehouse space, business owners need to look at innovative storage solutions that can increase the amount of available space, and help their staff be more efficient. From low-tech options to the more advanced automated inventory management systems, there are ways for businesses of all sizes to increase their storage capacity.

Go Deep or Go Vertical

Wide aisle spacing is helpful for staff to locate and maneuver inventory when needed. One way of increasing aisle space is to use a double deep rack, allowing a member of the team to access two rows of items from the one side.

Pallet racks are often used in this way as it enables the user to remove the first pallet, and then access the second pallet in behind. When restocking, it is easy for a user to push one item far back on the shelf, before adding another in front of it.

Sometimes this may not suit the needs of the business, and it is preferable to have access to all items without first having to remove inventory that is in the way. In this scenario, warehouses tend to have narrow aisles to give access to multiple storage locations. A forklift operator can use a reach truck to operate in the smaller aisle width.

If fast access is a priority for your warehouse, then it may be an excellent option to build up. Stacking shelves vertically makes maximum use of the space against the walls. If storage capacity is still not enough, you could install a mezzanine. Putting in a new second floor could potentially double your square footage.

Go Mobile

Warehouses are a busy environment, and often staff and inventory are in constant motion. A business owner can take advantage of this by using mobile storage units. A unit can have casters on the bottom, or attach the containers to rail tracks on the warehouse floor.

Depending on the type of goods the user is moving, it may be suitable to have mobile units that can be pushed and pulled by hand. Should your stock tend to be more substantial in weight, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can supply units that have electronic assistance, powered using AC or DC batteries.

By only taking up one aisle space, the units can give a warehouse manager a great deal more footage with which to work. When staff require access to the stored items, they can easily pull the unit out from its area and locate the goods.

Businesses often need storage units for the archiving and securing of sensitive or confidential documents. If this applies to your business, SRS can also supply an automated password protection mechanism.

The owner can now give passwords only to authorized members of staff. The security function is not only a safe way to protect data, but it is an excellent selling feature when explaining to potential clients why they should work with you.

Use Technology

Automated storage software can integrate with your current systems. The user can control the system without setting foot on the warehouse floor. The software will work with vertical loading equipment and carousels to store items in the best available space, create a log of stock received, and send an alert when inventory levels are running low.

The software-driven system allows unit loads to be stored compactly as the machinery does not require the same aisle space that a member of staff would need when accessing items. Carousels make it easy to swap stock in and out of place as needed.

Material handling is also made safer. Staff may be vulnerable when colleagues are moving heavy stock around a warehouse; machinery removes that risk for a safer environment.

In conclusion

No matter which racking system you choose, many solutions can help you work more efficiently and increase your storage space. Effective space utilization is essential when clearing floor areas in your warehouse and maximizing your warehouse potential.

At Shelving + Rack, systems, Inc., we pride ourselves on the quality of our goods and the customer service we provide. Contact us for a consultation and to find a solution for your space-saving needs.