Improve Warehouse Efficiency in Picking & Fulfillment with Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical lift module storage system

What is a vertical lift module?

A vertical lift module is an enclosed shelving system that is made up of two columns. In the center of the vertical lift module is an inserter/extractor which automatically locates trays and retrieves them from both the front and back of the unit with a push of a button. Then delivers the trays to the operator at the pick-up window. This system helps to eliminate search and walk time which increases productivity levels. Vertical lift modules come in different heights and widths and can meet all application needs. Using the floor to ceiling storage trays can save floor space when compared to standard shelving. Vertical lift modules can expand internally without any expansion which this helps with organizational needs. Every time a tray has stored the product on the tray is scanned, this automatically optimizes the tray height to store while using the least amount of space for all the storage density.

Added features for vertical lift modules

Vertical lift modules work like a vending machine but better! You can add software that will allow the operator to do two things at once essentially: He or she can pick from one vertical life module while programming another to start moving into place for the operator’s next pick. Height can be added or removed to accommodate all your storage needs. Trays can also be added or removed depending on how many you need. Vertical lift modules can be color coordinated to match the colors in your office space.

How do vertical lift modules improve efficiency?

Vertical lift modules can reduce the cost of labor because it automatically does the work that typically requires one or more people. All vertical lift modules only need one person to operate it. These storage systems can track and control your inventory using software capabilities to improve inventory control. This reduces mistakes while improving daily workflow. Vertical lift modules take up less space than shelving spaces with aisles, increasing the amount of floor space you have available.   They require little training to operate because there is no need for operators to memorize locations. Wait time will be reduced between your inventory picks after the operator completes one pick the next closest item will also be delivered automatically. Using vertical lift modules is safer for your workers too. There are no forklifts to operate or ladders to climb. The vertical lift modules do all the work for you by moving the goods up or down mechanically.

How accurate are vertical lift modules?

Vertical lift modules provide fantastic inventory storage accuracy which helps to keep your warehouse organized efficiently. After products are put away a measurement of each tray is stored in the database. With these measurements, the automated warehouse system will sync with the vertical lift module and find the best place in your warehouse for that tray and its contents. It is also programmed to issue a warning if there is an overfilled tray or is a tray is not filled enough.

 Vertical Lift Modules
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How vertical lift modules can meet any of your requirements

The Modula brand of Vertical Lift Modules has several different options available for any need you may have. The Modula OneTon has a load capacity of 2,200 lbs. The Modula Cube is comprised of multiple modules that have the trays stored in two columns. A Modula VA has a load capacity of 1,500 lbs. and is very reliable and low maintenance. The type Modula Diamond Phoenix Horizontal Carousels is a single frame with multiple bin sizes that are 36” and 48”. Modula OnePick is perfect for warehouses with stock items comprised of different dimensions, weights, and volumes in the same bin. The Modula Sintes1 is perfect for any sized facility and is a very convenient storage space.

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