Metal Shelving for Your Mezzanine Requirements

Metal Shelving for Mezzanine

Mezzanines can double or triple the capacity of your available space without leasing extra space or undergoing construction work. This concept works by using metal shelving to act as the support structure for the platform leaving the ground space open for your day-to-day operations.

What you can use mezzanines for?

Mezzanines are an excellent option for warehouses when you need more floor space but also need extra storage space. Another application for mezzanines is mechanical shop facilities to keep the floor open to work on cars. Mezzanine systems and platforms allow users to create more storage space by using existing overhead space. Mezzanine shelving can also support heavy equipment, materials, and other product parts. Factory or other work offices such as in grocery and other retail stores can also be elevated by installing them on mezzanines, allowing supervisors good visuals of an entire operation.

Types of mezzanines

There are three types of mezzanines. Each can accommodate different types of warehouse racking. To determine which deck is best for you, consider the product to be stored, building clear heights, budget, building codes, and your packing operation. A professional can help you to determine which style of the mezzanine will work best for your unique situation.  

  • Catwalk Mezzanines

  Warehouses with extra high shelving or mezzanines may require a walkway above them to access these areas. Large tanks and equipment that need to be accessed from above can benefit from catwalk mezzanines. This is an affordable and efficient solution to get your staff across the warehouse without interrupting the workflow below.  

  • Structural Mezzanines

  Structural mezzanines are custom built to fit a specific work area. These can be single or multi-level and can be installed in any type of business. A structural mezzanine doubles or triples the existing area by adding a second or even third level inside your facility for storage space.  

  • Shelving Supported Mezzanines

  Shelving supported mezzanines can be used to brace a catwalk or other mezzanine deck systems in the warehouse. The shelving supported mezzanine can be placed on wide-span shelving, rivet shelving, or metal shelving. This type of mezzanine can have different deck types depending on the square footage of the building. This type of mezzanine is most common in automotive shops where floor space is important.

Multi-level mezzanines

Multi-level mezzanines allow greater use of vertical space. Single systems can be expanded to create multi-levels.

To maximize safety on all levels, use guard rails. These come with different accessories and options so you can mold the design to fit your needs.

Multi-level mezzanines Moscow – March 18, 2016: The large modern warehouse. Moscow is a modern city with well-developed logistics infrastructure.

Types of Metal Shelving

Mezzanines are a form of metal shelving and can come in different types. Steel shelving can hold heavy weights and has more uses for the industrial workplace, while wire shelving holds less weight. Steel shelving comes in both closed and opened varieties. Closed steel shelving provides a storage unit surrounded by steel panels on all sides except the front. This allows you to separate your inventory. Closed steel shelving is ideal for keeping chemicals separate. There are open steel shelving systems too that have no enclosures between the shelf and space between racks or the aisle. Open steel shelving is suitable for high traffic areas. Wire shelving is another option for all your organizational needs. There are pros and cons to these types of shelves.


  • Lightweight, which makes it easy to create mobile shelving.
  • Open design that will not collect water in a flood or fire sprinkler system emergency.
  • Dust and dirt do not accumulate on the wires making them easier to keep clean.  this makes them easier to clean


  • Limited range of sizes.
  • Limited load weight capacity.
  • More expensive than steel racks.

A metal shelving mezzanine can help to maximize your production area efficiently. They can allow for more floor room while providing more extra for storage or offices. Let us be your trusted partner for all their storage and material handling concerns and contact us today.