Overview of FASTRAK™ Wire Shelving

FASTRAK™ Wire Shelving

FASTRAK™ is a wire shelf system ideal for storing bulky items. It can store items directly on the floor because a bottom shelf is not required.

The wire shelving creates the perfect format to support any item securely.

With a FASTRAK™ system, there are several factory additions and modifications available, making it customizable according to your warehouse requirements.

FASTRAK™ Basic Features

FASTRAK™ offers many features that differ from other standard wire shelving units.

They have a built-in step load beams, designed for use with wire mesh, that have safety locks on one end to prevent beams from accidentally falling.

The wire mesh decking improves ventilation while reducing any dust build-up. This wire mesh is specifically designed to fit perfectly on top of beams. The wire mesh curves gently over the top of the beams to provide a smooth surface for the shelf.

You can combine multiple decks to create a longer shelf width.

The Kickstand

FASTRAK™ have a newly designed kickstand- like the feature called the upright. The upright features a teardrop design that helps with quick and easy assembly. The upright is adjustable and “knocks down using detachable supports. This allows you to ship any amount or size of items easily.

The system also can hold up to 7,000 lbs.


Footplates are an additional option as well; these easily bolt into the upright to anchor the FASTRAK™ into concrete for permanent placement or better safety. Concrete wedge anchors and these foot plates are sold separately.

Particle Decking

The particle board decking and shelf supports are used together. The shelf supports fit into holes in the beams to help keep the shelf level.

The particle board decking is a heavy duty board that rests on the edge of the step beams to provide a smooth shelf surface.

NOTE: This type of decking requires steel supports.

Laminated Board Decking

Another addition possible to further tailor your FASTRAK™ system for your warehouse is laminated board decking.

Laminate board decking is a white thermal fused melamine, aesthetically pleasing, that provides a very smooth, moisture and scratch resistant surface.

The shelf support beams are sold separately if you need additional support for higher shelf capacity.

Other Accessories

FASTRAK™ allows you to use customizable metal shelving units. This makes it easy to tailor different shelves or parts of your system depending on product size and weights.

You can combine units for large storage needs or, if you have limited space in your facility, you can maintain it as one unit, without attachments or accessories.

You can also add extra shelves to utilize available vertical space more efficiently or to allow you to organize your warehouse better.

Advantages of Having a FASTRAK™ Shelving System in the Workplace

FASTRAK™ can provide a professional look in a work environment or appear as an attractive shelving option in an office or home.

Use FASTRAK™ to store and keep track of the inventory or to organize and maintain your paperwork.

In addition to its versatility and the ability to accessorize, the support beams with metal shelving permit storage of very heavy items.

The wire shelving units are easy to clean, and any spillage or accumulated dirt and grime quickly wipes away.

FASTRAK™ Wire shelving

FASTRAK™ Offerings

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. offers two bulk storage rack units one with particle board decking and the other with a wire mesh decking. The particle board decking can help you save time and money and can be compacted down for easier, more cost-effective shipment.

Talk to an Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. professional today and see if a FASTRAK™ system may be part of the solution for your storage needs.