Using the Right Cannabis Grow Racks, Storage Racks, and Plant Support Systems Increase Yields

Cannabis Grow Racks

The growth of the marijuana industry defies any historical parallel. This multi-billion-dollar industry almost certainly will double again within a very few years. The need for cannabis drying racks and other items associated with industrial growing operations has exploded.

If you want to grow the best and largest crop possible, you need the right grow and storage racks and plant support systems to maximize your yields.

How Do Grow Racks Relate to Efficacy in Production?

Preventing damage to your crop requires careful attention to the right agricultural tools and accessories. Using the right equipment during the grow phase and the drying and storage phase will help maximize profits.

Grow Racks

Using the right grow racks helps improve the efficiency of your operations by allowing you to sort and grow cannabis by type.

Careful planning of your grow operation layout, to include the size and type of racks used, affects several operational areas. You need, for example, to allow for staff to move easily among the rows. Lighting and irrigation requirements correlate to how you use and deploy the grow racks.

Custom-designed vertical racks allow you to make maximum use of your space.

Storage Racks

The right storage rack minimizes the risk of spills and accidents that adversely affect profits.

You want sturdy drying racks that fit the dimensions of your warehouse or other location where drying takes place.

What Do You Look for in a Racking System for Industrial Cannabis Operations?

Ensure your racking system is easy to clean between plantings. The racks must be rugged enough to withstand the irrigation system, chemical additives or insect repellants, and the rigors of every-day use.

Legal Compliance

Local municipalities may not have addressed the various issues related to adding marijuana and other cannabis grow centers to the community.

Code compliance, such as the number and types of racks allowed, size of the operations, and more make it essential for cannabis entrepreneurs to meet current and anticipate as much as possible, future code requirements.

Racking Support Accessories

Growers must plan for and stock several racking support accessories for better yields:


Adding trellising will maximize grow space by using the mesh to space out your buds and provide structural support. You can use vertical or horizontal trellises depending on your grow area.

Take care when arranging the trellising as if set up incorrectly, the mesh may block the sunlight and inhibit growth.

Wire Tomato Cages

These simple items used for tomatoes allows the plant to cling to something. Customize the cages slightly, so the wire confinement systems work for marijuana cannabis plants.


Cannabis Storage Racks

Whether you use tomato cages, vertical racks, trellising, or something else string and twist ties provide the best way to support a plant structurally.

Take care not to tie the string too tight and cut into the stem or branches. The plants need some room to expand and grow correctly.

Plant Yoyos

Growers attach small plastic hooks to a string, which in turn connects to a small mechanism at the top of your greenhouse or grow tent.

The hooks and mechanism help distribute the weight of the plant evenly, providing support to heavy buds.

Ergonomics and Hygiene

Ergonomic design lessens any potential work-related injury issues that not only will cost you money but will detract from the efficacy of the overall operations.

The rack layouts should be appropriately installed, with shelving at the right height and aisles permitting easy access to the racks and shelving.

Don’t forget about worker hygiene. When working around items that can be ingested, specific additional storage policies and procedures or FDA requirements may apply.

Final Word

Growers should look for a seasoned and reliable racking company that understands a grower’s racking needs.

Call Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. today and let us help you find the right grow racks and plant support accessories for your operation.