How Vertical Lift Module Offers Design Flexibility for Storage

Vertical Lift Module

A vertical lift module (VLM) is an automated storage system that stores and retrieves items. VLMs optimize floor space, increase throughput, reduce safety hazards, and offer enhanced design flexibility for storage space.

Shelving + Rack Systems Inc. partners with Modula to offer a high-quality vertical lift module that meets your warehouse needs. The Modula VLM comes with Modula’s warehouse management software and multiple customization options. Its flexibility matches the needs of a growing business and accommodates the changes in storage that the market demands.

Optimize Your Floor Space

Storage space is a limited asset, so it must be used as efficiently as possible. Vertical lift modules take advantage of vertical storage space. The Modula VLM can be up to 52 ft. tall and supply up to 9,050 sq ft. of storage.

Like a vertical carousel, vertical lift modules free floor space for other warehouse operations. The Modula VLM gives a business freedom to utilize more floor space as they see fit.

Store a Variety of Products in One Storage System

The Modula vertical lift module increases storage density for small items. It has multiple tray sizes that hold inventory with variable weight and dimensions.

The width of a Modula VLM tray can be 59”, 75”, 98”, 122”, and 161”. The tray depth options are 25.75” or 33.74”. Tray options ensure small parts in your inventory are not taking up more space than necessary. This increases a storage system’s storage density.

The Modula VLM also handles heavy loads. Its maximum tray load capacity is 2,200 lbs., and the total gross payload is 200,000 lbs. A VLM gives you storage flexibility because you can keep heavy items and small items in the same automated storage system.

Additional tray add-ons are available for further storage specification. Modula offers electrified trays, which are necessary if a business requires storage with a supply of electricity. Electricity is needed for storing computers, radios, and other electronic devices. One vertical lift module can support up to ten electrified trays.

Storage trays can be outfitted with dividers and tray extensions. Dividers keep small items from spilling into different storage spaces. Tray extensions increase the height of walls to contain tall products and increase tray volume. Storage layouts can be customized to meet any storage need with connection points for dividers and extensions every 0.78”.

Handle Products from Multiple Access Bays

A Modula VLM makes retrieval of various inventory types possible with multiple access bays. An access bay is where workers can grab the materials the VLM retrieves from storage. They are built to meet the ergonomic needs of warehouse workers. This increases productivity and worker safety.

The Modula VLM offers single retrieval bay and dual retrieval bay options. If your warehouse works with high throughput speeds, then dual access bays are necessary.

You can separate the access bays by placing them on opposite sides of the automated storage machine. This creates a safe environment for using material handling equipment in conjunction with a VLM.

Workers who handle smaller inventory are on one side of the machine, while material handling equipment is on the other. This setup is ideal for businesses that require flexibility in storage and retrieval due to the range of inventory they handle.

Customize Your Access Bay With Add-Ons

Modula offers multiple additions to access bays for warehouses that require specific customizations to meet their storage needs. The telescopic internal tray and the tray removal and transportation cart offer increased access and mobility.

The telescopic internal tray is a bay enhancement that allows the extraction of whole trays from the VLM for transport. A tray equipped with wheels is retrieved and brought to this special bay. You can then extend the tray out of the VLM for crane access. These special wheel trays have a load capacity of up to 1,600 lbs.

The tray removal and transportation cart provide mobility for trays up to 1,100 lbs. Once a tray is retrieved and delivered to the access bay, the tray can be transferred to the transportation cart. This access bay add-on provides businesses with tray mobility to anywhere in a warehouse.

Modula vertical lift module

Increase Productivity With Order Fulfillment Technology

The Modula vertical lift module offers order fulfillment add-ons to increase productivity and retrieval accuracy further. VLMs are already a boon to productivity and accuracy because the automated system reduces time spent searching for items. The Modula order fulfillment add-ons build upon this with the sliding operator console, the put-to-light, and laser pointers.

The sliding operator console is a mobile addition to the operator console that all Modula VLMs come with. The operator console displays orders, collects inventory data input, and manages worker tasks. The sliding console saves time in intense picking operations by moving workers to the picking point. This saves time by making the task manager close to the worker at all times.

Two other add-ons assist workers in locating and placing inventory. The put-to-light illuminates the correct area for workers to place items. A laser pointer system finds the exact location of an item on a tray. Workers do not have to search through a tray to locate the correct part numbers. These additions increase worker speed and accuracy.

Automated Vertical Lift Module Storage Systems

Integrate Automated Storage With Warehouse Management Software

An advantage of Modula automated storage systems is their accompanying warehouse management software. This software determines optimal locations for parts storage within the VLM, collects inventory supply data, and more.

Modula VLMs come with a base warehouse management software that integrates with ERP and DMS to offer real-time inventory status. The operator console connects with the warehouse management system to track orders and keep an up-to-date product inventory.

Modula offers a premium warehouse management system to enhance the automation of your storage facilities further. Modula vertical lift modules accommodate advancements in automation and warehouse management. They even interface with robotic picking systems through the warehouse management system.

Ensure Secure and Safe Storage With VLMs

A vertical lift module improves security and safety in the warehouse. Its closed storage area and ergonomic access bays eliminate common warehouse injuries such as falling objects and overexertion injuries. The Modula VLM earned TUV GS certification for satisfying multiple German and European safety regulations.

Warehouse security is enhanced with a VLM. The closed storage design makes it hard to access inventory without activating the automated retrieval system. The operator console limits access to employees only. Employees have unique passwords, and you can add card readers to the operator console.

Meet Your Storage Needs With Vertical Lift Modules

The customization options and automated features of Modula vertical lift modules meet the storage needs of any business. They provide storage options for large and small inventory. VLMs increase worker productivity and throughput speed. They also offer the unique advantages that come with warehouse management systems.

For more information about the versatility of vertical lift modules, browse our complete selection at Shelving + Rack Systems Inc. Call us at (800) 589-7225 to speak to a storage system professional about your needs.