What a Vertical Lift Module Can Help You With if You Are Not in Online Retail

Vertical Lift Module

A Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is an automated storage and retrieval system. It efficiently uses storage space while quickly and accurately handling inventory. It is ideal for companies looking to automate their storage facilities.

Online retail utilizes VLM’s because the system works well with fast throughput inventory. Companies outside of online retail are now looking to optimize their storage solutions with the efficiency of a vertical lift module.

Shelving + Rack Systems Inc. has partnered with Modula to offer the best VLMs on the market. Modula VLMs increase vertical storage, improve operation speeds due to ergonomic design and automated features, and enhance storage density.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

The Modula VLM can be built up to over 50 feet of vertical height. No other storage system delivers products from those heights as fast as a VLM.

A VLM’s automated picking process makes products stored 40 feet high as accessible as items stored at chest height. By taking advantage of all vertical space available, floor space is open for other uses.

Vertical Lift Module Can Help

Increase Your Operation Speeds

Businesses that depend on quick access to their product will benefit from a vertical lift module. Similar to a vertical carousel, a VLM retrieves products and brings them to access openings. These openings provide workers with ergonomic access to the product. VLMs further increase access by illuminating the items with a put-to-light or laser pointing to the exact item you need.

In a traditional storage and retrieval system, workers must search to find the correct items. Modula VLMs have smart management software that speeds up and perfects the storage and retrieval process.

Work Smarter with Management Software

The software incorporated into Modula Vertical Lift Modules works to increase warehouse efficiency. The VLM takes inventory of all the products stored. Every time a unit is retrieved or stored, the VLM updates the SKU amount.

This takes the paperwork out of inventory management, reducing the potential for human error in the stocking process. It also improves customer service because inventory levels can be accessed quickly to give potential buyers information.

The VLM has a simple interface that employees can be trained on quickly. The touchscreen interface grants workers easy access to the stored inventory. Workers no longer have to search for merchandise; you can access inventory levels throughout the whole warehouse space.

The Modula VLM can come with the Copilot Operator Console, which increases worker efficiency. The touchscreen console moves to any spot in the retrieval bay. Workers can move between tasks without walking back to a stationary console to see what to do next.

The Modula Vertical Load Module’s worker interface increases security by assigning each employee a unique security code. This security feature also digitizes the documentation of your storage and retrieval actions. Inventory discrepancies are easily found, and audits will be easier than ever before.

automated vertical lift module

Store Varied Inventory with a VLM

A Modula VLM is the ideal storage system for smaller parts and heavy loads. Heavier items can be stored in one column and retrieved through one of the access bays. The smaller items in an inventory can be stored and accessed separately. This segregation provides safety by creating a barrier between material handling equipment and workers.

The Modula VLM has a load capacity of 2,200 lbs. when equipped with a heavy-duty storage tray. A VLM ensures high storage density for small parts storage. Its storage dimensions are customizable. If the widest products in an inventory are 5.6 inches, then a VLM will use only 6 inches of space to store them.

The automated storage advantages provided by a Modula VLM set it apart from other automated storage systems. Vertical and horizontal carousels do not offer customizable storage to the extent that a VLM does.

Vertical Lift Modules are Safe Storage Systems

Companies can minimize safety risks by transitioning to vertical lift module storage systems. Falling objects striking workers is one of the most common injuries sustained in United States’ distribution centers. The closed storage design of the Modula Vertical Lift Modules protects workers from falling objects.

VLMs reduce the variability in an employee’s workspace by locating all their work in the access openings. Workers can adjust to any potential dangers because their workspace is consistent rather than continually changing.

The VLM workspace also reduces overuse injuries. Worker’s access products at ergonomically ideal spots. They do not have to reach above their heads or down below their knees to get products. VLMs reduce the frequency of these movements, which keeps your workers healthy.

The Modula Vertical Lift Module earned TUV GS Certification, given to items that meet government safety standards. The certification process requires safety testing in an independent laboratory to ensure the highest safety standards.

Enhance Your Warehouse Storage with a Modula VLM

Warehouse storage for medical supply companies to automotive repair shops would benefit from vertical lift modules. The unique and efficient storage capabilities increase floor space and decrease injury risk. The smart storage management system provides companies with inventory management that is adaptable to the ever-changing demands of a digital commerce space.

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