Determining The Used Warehouse Racks Capacity

Used Warehouse Racks

Racking systems are the most common storage solutions in warehouses. They take advantage of vertical space, accommodate material handling equipment, and store large amounts of palletized inventory.

A business needs to consider many factors when determining a pallet racking system’s capacity. The calculation process for used warehouse racking is similar to calculating new pallet rack loads. The essential difference is the careful evaluation for deflection and damage in used racking frames components.

Warehouse Rack Components

A pallet rack load capacity is the combination of all its parts. To determine the full system’s capacity requirements, each component needs to be inspected for deflections.

Upright frames

Upright frames, also known as vertical beams, are the vertical columns of the pallet rack frame. They are the perforated green part of the Lyon Pallet Rack Starter and Add-On Unit. Upright frames transfer all the weight of the storage system to the ground. If the pallet rack uprights sustain a deflection of more than ⅛”, it is considered compromised, and you should replace it.

Horizontal beams

Loaded pallets are placed onto the horizontal beams of your racks. Horizontal pallet rack beams have specific weight requirements. The distance between horizontal beams is determined by how tall the pallet loads will be.

This distance is called the vertical beam spacing, affecting the storage system’s load capacity. The more distance between beam levels, the less weight the system can handle.

It’s critical to replace horizontal beams if there is a deflection of ¼” or worse.

Braces, decks, and baseplates

Braces, decks, and baseplates are additional components that change the load capacity of a pallet rack storage system. They are common but not always present in rack storage systems.

There are diagonal and horizontal braces on warehouse racks. These components ensure the racking does not twist or buckle under the load. Deflection in bracing elements that is ⅜” or worse requires immediate replacement.

Decks provide more surface area for the support of a loaded pallet. They are connected to horizontal beams and spread the weight of the loaded pallets evenly.

Baseplates connect the vertical uprights to the floor. They offer structural support and disperse the weight on the floor.

Used Pallet rack accessories

Pallet rack accessories

Pallet rack accessories protect load-bearing components from damage. The most common damage occurs when forklifts strike the uprights, beams, or baseplates. Handle It Warehouse Rack Upright Guards are an example of accessories that minimize the chance of storage system damage.

Calculate Your Pallet Rack Load Capacity

To calculate the load-bearing capacity of your pallet rack, determine the maximum weight of the loaded pallet. This includes all the material and the pallet itself. The fully loaded pallet weight, height, depth, and width determine the necessary horizontal beam load capacity.

The horizontal beamwidth needs to accommodate the width of a loaded pallet and extra space for forklift maneuvering. The bay depth needs to increase as the width of the beams increases. You should know the required horizontal beamwidth, depth, and how much weight it can support.

Horizontal beam requirements and the amount of storage bays in a column of racking determine the load capacity of the vertical uprights. The uprights must have a load capacity that exceeds the cumulative maximum loads of the horizontal beams.

Rack manufacturing businesses and suppliers should provide the load capacities for all components of the storage system. With used warehouse racks, you have to ensure the integrity of the parts to trust the stated load capacities.

Contact a Professional Used Racking Supplier

The best way to calculate used warehouse rack capacity is to get in touch with a professional. They will know all the American National Standards Institute regulations for pallet racking and can advise you accordingly. The Shelving + Rack Systems Inc. team will consider your storage space, budget, and facilities to provide the best racking system for your business.

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