Rack Safety Check List

Rack Safety Check List

In many warehouses, managers and staff work with racking system every single day. At any given moment, there may be a large number of personnel interacting with racking, loading or unloading, checking stock, performing a basic rack safety inspection or walking near tall racks. Most of the time, nothing goes wrong, and everyone safely returns home, but it could it only take one tiny oversight to change someone’s life forever.

Health and safety have developed massively over the last century, and better working conditions are a reality for many warehouse staff. The key is to remain vigilant and always avoid complacency – keeping a close eye on the state of your racking could help defuse a ticking time bomb.

The Benefits of Inspection

It is vital that all warehouse owners ensure a professional performs a rack safety inspection on a regular basis, to keep workers safe and satisfied. When a worker sees a professional performing a rack safety inspection, they are reassured that their managers are respecting their welfare and value them as employees.

Performing a proper check doesn’t need to be difficult. Professionals use a rack safety checklist, to examine all aspects of rack quality, durability, and suitability for its task. The checklist makes sure that no aspect of rack safety goes unnoticed. You can use the same method to inspect your racks intermittently, between professional rack safety inspections.

Key Check List Areas

When you chose a rack safety inspection for sale online and decided on an option that will suit your storage environment, a good inspection may feature dozens of detailed checks. These are some of the key areas of rack safety to look for, that will undoubtedly find their way onto a rack safety inspection checklist.

  • Damage to Racking – This is a vital point because although trusted racking providers will assess the usage scenarios and provide fully safe solutions at the point of sale, this cannot account for later damage. Damaged racking may have a lower load-bearing potential and could be unsuitable for heavier materials. It also presents a risk of falling that could lead to tragic injury.
  • Corrosion – Although related to damage, corrosion can occur even under normal operation without any accident force applied to the racking. Corrosion, via rust or spilled materials, can weaken the structure of racking and again, presents a risk of falling.
  • Overloading – Intermittent checks can overlook this crucial element, especially operators are not fully aware of rack safety. Even heavy-duty racking has a maximum load bearing weight, and when you overload it, you risk damaging its structure. A proper rack safety inspection will assess the current usage of each rack and determine whether or not a rack is at risk of damage from overloading.
  • Operation – Safe and normal operation is vital to maintaining good rack condition. If a forklift accidentally bumps into racking or a worker notices a misplaced pallet, do they report it? A rack safety inspection can assess your normal operation, by judging the condition of racks and their usage, in order to determine whether it poses a risk to your racking.

Rack Safety Inspection

Keeping Your Racks in Shape

Looking for a rack safety inspection for sale online can be difficult, and there are a lot of options available. Whatever you choose, make sure they use a comprehensive Rack Safety Check List. Our experts can help you perform a comprehensive rack safety inspection, guide you through the process and educate your workers about rack safety, with minimal disruption to your operation.

Keeping yourself and your staff informed, as well as conducting regular, simple inspections using a checklist, can keep your goods and personnel safer for longer.

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