Steel Shelving Storage Units & More

Steel shelving fulfills a wide variety of uses, from your home and office to a state-of-the-art distribution facility. Whether you’re a hobbyist, mechanic, carpenter, or simply someone who wants more space in their garage, shelving units are optimal for storage.

Garage Storage

If you’re a homeowner, you can benefit from buying steel shelving for your garage, basement, or workshop. These spaces can become cluttered easily with tools, furniture, sporting equipment, car parts, and other miscellaneous items. To keep your home organized, you should consider a multi-purpose storage solution. That’s where steel shelving can really shine.

Organization is not only crucial for the efficiency of a business. Clutter can cause accidents and lost productivity at home. If you’ve committed to performing household or automotive repairs, for example, you need to be able to find the necessary tools and other equipment. At the same time, your tools and other supplies should be protected. Steel shelves with small containers or totes cna help you organize tools and small parts while still offering a high weight capacity to hold large automotive parts.

Shelving Choices

Steel Shelving Storage Units

In addition to industrial welded steel storage shelving, there are other options that you may find more suitable for your home garage. One of the most versatile storage solutions is wire shelving. This is available either as a wall-mounted freestanding shelving unit.

Wire shelving’s open-mesh design allows free airflow, doesn’t obscure the contents, and resists dust accumulation. Wire shelving is a clean, cost-effective system if you need to store clothing, books, or sensitive articles.

Heavy-Duty Design

However, maybe the lightweight construction of wire shelving isn’t suitable for our needs. A heavy-duty shelving system is a good option if you need to store machine parts, engine blocks, or metal stock. These may be open or closed, use cross bracing for additional support, and reinforced structural steel for increased weight-bearing capacity.

Regardless of whether you intend to install steel shelving in your home or business, always adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s recommended weight limits. 

Simple Assembly

Boltless shelving is by far the simplest type of shelving to assemble. Rather than requiring the use of fasteners — nuts, bolts, or clips — you insert pins or hooks on connectors between uprights. This involves pins entering teardrop-shaped slots that transition from a large hole to a narrow section in some variants. You apply force to the connector or beam using a hammer. Use a rubber mallet or wooden hammer to avoid damaging the finish.

Boltless shelving is not only simple to assemble, but it’s also fast. You can disassemble your shelving easily for storage or transport and reconfigure it as necessary to meet changing needs.

Rust Prevention

When you’re searching for a suitable steel shelving system, you need to consider more than simply increasing your storage space. You need to think about surface finishes and rust prevention. Steel, when exposed to the elements, can rust. Shelving manufacturers counter this by applying various coatings or surface finishes to the steel.

If you live in a humid environment, or your shelving system will be located inside a freezer, you’ll need to ensure that it won’t rust.

Galvanized or powder-coated steel offers a reasonably durable and corrosion-resistant option. Chrome plating is more expensive but has a hard-wearing surface and can be cosmetically attractive, delivering a modern look. Stainless steel, however, offers a superb balance between cost, corrosion resistance, and durability.

Adjustability and Access

Many shelving units are open designs, which means the contents are accessible from all four sides. Closed designs are typically accessible via two to three points and have rear and side panels. While closed systems offer less access than their open counterparts, they are also generally sturdier. If you intend to place a shelving unit against a wall, the closed rear is less of an issue.

An adjustable shelving system that allows you to reconfigure the height is especially useful if the demands of your home or business change regularly. For example, being able to lower or raise a shelf by specific increments can increase flexibility dramatically.

Mobile or Stationary

Many shelving units are designed to remain stationary. This means that you have to lift and carry it if you need to move a shelving unit when it’s assembled. For some systems, such as those that use a wire mesh, this can be easy.

However, it’s more difficult when you also have to unload all the shelves. By buying a mobile system or installing lockable casters, you can maneuver the shelving unit where you need it to be, when you need to, without unloading it.

Safety Tips

Steel shelving is strong and sturdy, but you should still observe some common safety tips when using shelving in your home or garage to avoid strain and reduce the risk of an accident. If you need to access items on a high shelf regularly, consider using a step ladder laid against an adjacent wall (if possible). 

In addition to the shelving system’s weight limits, you should also ensure that the flooring you intend to use can support the weight of whatever you’ll be storing.

When you’re loading tools, supplies, and other equipment on the shelves, it’s essential to balance the weight properly. It’s not enough to avoid exceeding the shelving system weight limits; you also have to avoid loading it in a way that causes it to become top-heavy. Always load the shelves closest to the ground first and work your way up.

Not only will this ensure your shelving unit remains upright and stable, but it will also protect you from injury.

If you’re using a shelving system in a shop or factory to which several people have access, consider also posting a sign at the end of every unit displaying the maximum allowable weight limit.

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