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Modula Automated Picking

Enter a new era of warehouse efficiency with Modula automated picking solutions. These cutting-edge systems redefine automated picking by offering unmatched precision.

As your trusted partners, SRS-i and Modula set a new standard in streamlined warehouse operations. Discover the key to faster and more accurate order fulfillment with our innovative automated picking systems.

SRS-i and Modula: Partners in Automated Picking Solutions

SRS-i and Modula’s collaboration merges our industry expertise with Modula’s groundbreaking technologies. Together, we can improve your warehouse’s operation, ensuring more efficient stock handling, picking accuracy, and reliability in automated picking systems. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to providing the most advanced warehouse management solutions.

Benefits of Order Fulfillment With Modula Automated Picking Solutions

Unlock the potential of your warehouse operations and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse picking solutions. Discover the benefits of these innovative systems for increasing productivity and ensuring consistency in your supply chain management:

  • Increased speed and accuracy: Accelerate order fulfillment with reduced searching time and elimination of manual errors.
  • Improved inventory management: Gain real-time visibility into inventory, preventing over or under-ordering and optimizing stock levels.
  • Enhanced productivity: Empower your workforce with intuitive and easy-to-implement picking solutions, boosting overall productivity.
  • Cost savings and quick ROI: Prevent unnecessary expenses through precise inventory control, ensuring a swift return on investment.

Explore the Range of Modula Automated Picking Solutions at SRS-i

Step into the future of fulfillment with Modula automated warehouse pick modules at SRS-i. Our picking systems include:

Modula Put to Light

Modula Put to Light systems, also called ‘pick to light systems,’ help you optimize your fulfillment process by breaking down large product quantities into single orders.

Light devices guide operators to the precise location of a station or cart, indicating the required number of items for each order.

This method enhances picking accuracy and improves efficiency by eliminating manual tasks associated with traditional picking methods.

Modula Picking Stations

The Modula Picking Station is a revolutionary tool in paperless, speedy order processing. Designed for batch or multiple orders, this system seamlessly integrates into manual and automated setups, including belt conveyors. Its core feature, a configurable workstation with adjustable shelves, links each bin to a put to light display, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors.

Its scalable design means you can add more stations or integrate with tech, like monitors and barcode readers, as your operation grows. The Picking Cart, equipped with intuitive put to light displays and scan or touch validation, streamlines the picking process, offering real-time updates and ergonomic features for maximum productivity.

Modula Picking Cart

Transform your warehouse operations with the Modula Picking Cart, a dynamic solution designed for peak efficiency and accuracy. With four agile pivoting wheels, it effortlessly navigates through aisles, making it ideal for fast-paced environments.

This cart isn’t just mobile; it’s a complete picking station equipped with shelves, user-friendly put to light displays, and a reliable Wi-Fi system for uninterrupted connectivity powered by either mains or backup batteries.

Its standout feature is the efficient put to light system, integrated with a WMS for optimal route planning, drastically reducing picking time and enhancing productivity. The Picking Cart is also user-friendly and compatible with additional tech, like tablets and barcode readers, so it’s the perfect tool for any warehouse team.

Combine Modula Picking Stations With Modula AS/RS Systems

Modula Picking Stations are designed to pair perfectly with Modula Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS). This powerful synergy streamlines your inventory management and picking processes, delivering a seamless, high-speed solution to material handling.

Modula LIFT

Available in various capacities and sizes, the Modula Lift is a versatile storage option for industrial products, spare parts, and components across varied environments and industries.

Modula Lift maximizes storage efficiency with a throughput of up to 130 trays per hour and a substantial tray payload capacity of up to 2,200 lbs.

This system also helps you recover warehouse floor space by optimizing your facility’s high ceilings. It also offers flexibility with single or dual delivery options based on your operation’s throughput requirements.

Modula SLIM

Designed for warehouses with limited floor space, Modula Slim is a compact Vertical Lift Module (VLM) that excels in boosting productivity, accuracy, and inventory management.

Despite its minimal footprint of only 32.29 square feet, Modula Slim boasts double the load capacity of typical vertical carousels.

Modula Slim enhances picking accuracy with features like alphanumeric LED bars and automated pointing lasers while maintaining low energy consumption.

Modula Horizontal Carousel

Modula Horizontal Carousel (HC) addresses the challenge of high-speed picking in low-ceiling environments.

This horizontal carousel picking system, consisting of carriers mounted on an oval track, rotates horizontally, delivering stored goods to the picker.

The Modula HC increases productivity with picking rates of up to 550 lines per hour and ensures accuracy, safety, and flexibility in storage configurations.

Enhance Your Warehouse’s Picking Efficiency With SRS-i

Maximize your warehouse’s picking efficiency with SRS-i’s comprehensive suite of Modula Automated Picking Solutions. Our technicians and sales reps are here to help you implement the ideal solution for your facility.

Contact Shelving + Rack Solutions, Inc. today for more information on optimizing your warehouse with state-of-the-art automated picking solutions.

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