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Climate Controlled Storage

Unlock the secret to preserving the quality and integrity of your sensitive products with SRS-i. We offer climate controlled storage solutions, crucial for a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals and agriculture. Our systems are designed to shield your products from harmful temperature variations and contaminants, reducing waste and preserving quality.

SRS-i is dedicated to offering storage solutions that are efficient and tailored to comply with strict standards and regulations. Rely on us for a storage solution that guarantees the safety and integrity of your products at every stage.

SRS-i and Modula: Partners in Climate Controlled Storage Solutions

Are you seeking a reliable solution to keep your sensitive goods safe and in top condition? At SRS-i, we’ve partnered with Modula to bring you state-of-the-art climate controlled storage solutions. Our systems precisely regulate temperature, humidity, and air purity, ensuring that your facility adheres to the standards set by authorities like the FDA and USDA.

Our cutting-edge automated vertical lift systems come with insulated panels and built-in heating/cooling units, ensuring exact temperature control customized to your product needs. This ensures that your items are kept in the optimal environment they require.

Our programmable climate control system actively adjusts to maintain optimal conditions within strict tolerances, ensuring the stability and safety of your temperature-sensitive and contamination-prone inventory.

We also take contamination control seriously. Our systems are designed to minimize particulate exposure, with filters that maintain cleanroom-grade air purity down to 0.1μm.

For businesses in the food, pharmaceutical, electronics, or any industry with strict environmental needs, SRS-i and Modula’s proficiency in automation and environmental control positions us as a trusted partner in providing a secure and regulated atmosphere for your products.

Explore the Modula Difference

Modula’s cutting-edge storage solutions can transform how your facility stores and handles sensitive products. Some of the benefits you can expect from a Modula storage unit include:

  • Modula One: The Modula One maintains temperatures between freezing and over 100°F to protect everything from delicate organic compounds to fresh produce.
  • Modula Climate Control: For goods requiring humidity control in addition to strict temperature regulation, the Modula Climate Control system actively self-monitors both metrics. It then adjusts its internal environment, protecting fragile electronics vulnerable to minute variations.
  • Modula Clean Room: Where particulate and dust minimization is critical, Clean Room models filter air purity down to 0.1μm. Dual-opening doors facilitate easy access while preserving the interior atmosphere. Because the unit complies with ISO standards, you can operate it in strict cleanroom settings like semiconductor foundries.

Modula Controlled Environment Storage Solutions Available at SRS-i

SRS-i carries a wide range of climate controlled storage solutions, including the Modula Climate Control and Modula Clean Room:

Modula Climate Control

All Modula climate controlled models create a protective environment for stored items by surrounding them in insulated chambers. These chambers are automatically calibrated and adjusted based on the ideal temperature for your selection of goods.

  • Polyurethane foam panels line the walls alongside a specialized thermal control panel. This maintains consistent interior conditions unaffected by external warehouse temperature fluctuations, with tolerances as precise as +/-0.5°F.
  • An integrated refrigeration system allows you to select temperatures between below-freezing and over 100°F. This enables you to safely store items from fresh produce to sensitive organic chemicals prone to rapid heat-induced degradation.
  • Interior sensors facilitate automated climate control to track and regulate temperature and humidity levels to within 5% RH of setpoint. This offers protection for delicate electronics, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

By storing your goods in a self-monitoring microclimate, Modula’s automated climate control storage solutions prolong the shelf life of inventory vulnerable to extreme conditions during storage and transport.

Modula Clean Room

Modula clean rooms use the same automation and temperature control features but specifically integrate cleanroom design essential for monitoring, particulate filtration, and access control.

Modula Clean Rooms storage units adhere to ISO 14644 standards and are optimized for contamination-averse processes in electronics foundries and biopharma. This ensures reliable cleanroom compliance from classifications between levels 6 to 8, where dust can result in defective production.

ULPA filters reliably capture particles down to 0.1 microns, ensuring air purity essential for sensitive electronics and life science applications. The dual atmosphere-preserving doors allow necessary product transfers without compromising interior conditions.

Discover All the Benefits of a Modula Lift in a Climate Controlled Environment

If your business needs precisely controlled environments for your storage facility, Modula’s warehouse climate control systems, available through SRS-i, are the perfect choice.

Take the step to protect your sensitive goods by contacting Shelving + Rack Solutions, Inc. today. Ensure the safety and integrity of your products with these state-of-the-art climate controlled storage solutions.

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