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Cage Panels

Cage panels are ideal for protecting valuable machinery and tools, segregating areas to protect employees from potential hazards, and providing a visible barrier for forklift drivers and machinery operators.

While some compare welded wire mesh designs to animal cages, such as a bird cage or a rabbit cage, cage panels are more robust and can prevent heavy-duty items from falling towards employees.

Steel welded wire cages are durable, and you can also paint them bright colors to highlight different working zones. The woven and welded wire shape allows employees to view materials on the other side, making them suitable for securing order picking areas.

Welded wire partitions are also useful when you minimize the amount of cleaning surface in your warehouse, as the gaps ensure they do not collect an excessive amount of dust or dirt that staff needs to wipe.

If you need a design that offers more protection or privacy than a wire cage, a solid panel cage is an excellent choice. We provide solid sheet metal and Lexan panels to provide superior protection from workplace hazards.

While galvanized welded stainless steel wire panels are robust, projectiles from machinery or heavy-duty operations could fit through the holes.

Using high-quality solid panels, you can protect your employees from workplace hazards. You can use these modular panels to fit various workplace areas’ dimensions, providing clear dividing lines between departments.

If you have a research area or a boardroom for confidential meetings, a solid partition blocks out noise and conceals your meeting room from view. Our Lexan panels come in transparent and opaque designs, so you can allow plenty of light in from one side while keeping other parts of the room private.

While you can purchase PVC-coated panels, Lexan’s modular system and high-quality design are excellent for future-proofing your secure storage areas. Because you can customize these panels to suit your warehouse’s shape and dimensions, they integrate seamlessly into your operation.

For a consultation on your storage cage and solid panel needs, contact the Shelving+Rack Systems, Inc. sales team today.

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