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Solid Panel Cages

Solid Panel Partitions

Cages and wire partitions have many uses including providing protection and security to valuable materials or equipment, keeping areas secure or the division of a building space into separate areas. In some situations, however, wire mesh is not the ideal solution, and for situations requiring additional security or protection, solid panel cages can be a better option.

Whether you’re looking for complete transparency or overall privacy our solid sheet metal and clear Lexan partitions provide the same reliable protection as our wire mesh systems, but with added flexibility. Due to our modular design, our solid sheet metal and clear Lexan panels can be arranged in a manner that provides a functional workspace that meets your exact needs. Use our sheet metal and Lexan partitions to secure and segregate areas small and large areas in your Warehouse, manufacturing facility or office building.

Situations that May Require Solid Panel Cages

Our solid partitions are commonly used to protect guests and employees from dangerous work areas. Keep areas that have automated machinery, welding operations and machines that emit chips or flying particles in their own safe space. If you have the need to set up areas for confidential work such as research and development or maybe you may have confidential record storage that you do not want to be seen by the general public, these partitions can be just what you are looking for.

In situations where privacy is paramount, or where the contents of a cage for some other reason must be kept from public view, solid panel cages can ensure that only those with authorization to enter the cage can see its contents. They are, therefore, suited to private storage spaces which must house valuable or sensitive materials.

How to Choose the Right Solid Panel Cage

There are many different forms of solid panel cages available, and it is, therefore,essential to consider your specific needs when choosing the right solid panel cage for you.

Integrate clear or opaque Lexan panels on the top, middle or bottom of your design. You can use these in just about any combinationwith solid panels to provide a completelycustomized configuration to meet your exact needs.

Lexan panels can also be used when it’s important to reduce noise,and yet you want to maintain a clear line of sight to the operation.Some situations may only call for solid panels on certain sides. In these cases,solid panels arebeing used in conjunction with mesh panels to create a custom cage suited to your specific needs.

Cages can be purchased as single units or as customizable modular systems, which allow for expansion, reassembly or the replacement or upgrading of individual parts – essentially future-proofing your set-up.

Solid panel cages can be further customized with a selection of hinged or sliding doors, which can themselves be constructed of solid panels or wire mesh and can be fitted with a range of locking systems. The cages can be free-standing or fixed to flooring and walls or made to fit sloping or uneven flooring areas.

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