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Storage Cabinets

Just about every staff member in every workspace works with small items, hardware, and tools that need to be stored when not in use. Also, every worker needs easy access to properly stored safety equipment.

The ready availability of work materials and safety equipment requires well thought out installation of storage cabinets throughout the workplace. Some storage cabinets should be installed where staff members do their jobs. Others, including safety cabinets, should be installed in multiple locations throughout the facility.

Cabinets should be selected for their utility, and for their placement in the work area.

Bin Storage Cabinets

Bin storage cabinets are ideal for storing tools and hardware, including screws, bolts, and fasteners.

Many bin storage cabinets come with shelves and bins. The cabinets range from 36” to 84” in height. The majority have adjustable shelves. Storage bins can be attached to the doors as well as inside the cabinet and come in various sizes. Most bin storage cabinets are easily lockable.

Storage Cabinets

They are available 24”-48” wide, with the most common being 36” w, 18” and 24” d, various heights up to 87”, with most common being 72” and 78”.

They come in different grades of construction- basically, office grade storage cabinets used in an office area to store office supplies or industrial grade storage cabinets, more robust and meant to store heavier products in a factory or warehouse environment.

The most common type of cabinet is one that has all shelves. Other types are wardrobe cabinets that have a shelf with a rod for hanging garments on, combination cabinets that have shelves on one side and a coat rod on the other, jumbo storage cabinets, mobile storage cabinets and ventilated storage cabinets to name a few of the more common types.

Where it is important to know what is in the cabinet, most of the cabinets can have c-thru doors as an option

Workspace Cabinets

Shorter workspace cabinets can have a work surface on top typically made of metal or wood. They can also have a variety of compartments and drawers to hold materials.

Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets provide safety by ensuring dangerous items are stored in noticeable, defined, clearly labeled cabinets.

Tank cabinets allow secure storage of propane, carbon dioxide, and other tanks. Many have steel mesh doors and sides allowing for a quick inspection of the contents.

Flammable materials storage cabinets provide the ability to keep hazardous liquids stowed in code-compliant safety. The cabinets, which are painted yellow for easy visibility, include spill-catching features and can be securely closed when not in use.

Other dangerous materials, including pesticides, acids, and corrosives, can be stored in similar cabinets, color-coded by contents.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel is easy to clean and easy to sterilize. It is well suited for use in clean rooms, food services, and healthcare facilities. Stainless steel cabinets can come in mobile versions, some with a heavy-duty work surface on top, and plenty of storage below.

Stainless steel also makes cabinets at work height. Workers can use the top for work and readily access stored items below. These cabinets can have legs to prevent dampness under the unit and for easy cleaning.

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