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The Tray™ Issue #29 – 2021 The Year of Efficiency: Solutions to Bring More Efficiency, Organization, and Production to Your Facility and Warehouse Locations

The Tray™ Issue #29 – 2021 The Year of Efficiency: Solutions to Bring More Efficiency, Organization, and Production to Your Facility and Warehouse Locations

The Tray Issue 29th Part

This is a Special 4-Part Series for 2021. Read:  1  |  2   |  3  |  4

Automated Storage

In the ever-evolving world of business technology, methods of production and storage are becoming faster and more efficient every day. In order to thrive, companies must evolve with the times and implement the power of automated storage. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer a number of vital storage equipment appliances that can radically alter the productivity of your storage units and warehouse.

Automated Storage Horizontal Carousels

>Vertical and Horizontal Carousels

Carousels are a stacked organization of shelves or bins that can be moved along a track that follows an oval route. The purpose of vertical and horizontal carousels is that the items in your inventory are brought to the operator quickly and efficiently, rather than going in search of the items you need for the job. You can increase your output speed by large margins and cut down on storage space in the warehouse.

These carousel units are relatively simple and intuitive to use. They function via input operation where a warehouse member can put in the item number, bin number, or overall cluster location. Using inventory management software, the shelf possessing the required item will travel the shortest distance to where the operator can easily access it.

Batch orders for products are set into the system and then run through until the batch is complete. A new order can then be downloaded, and the carousel will automatically shift and organize the shelving units accordingly.

>Package Handling Lifts

Heavy items need to be moved to different levels of storage all the time during jobs in the warehouse. Some of these packages are impossible to be moved with manpower alone, and those that are can take a lot of time out of your operation and decrease your output. A packaging lift can handle that job and safely move items from one level of storage to another.

Packaging lifts can be manual, but an automated system is more optimized for faster transport. Not only do automated lifts promote faster operations, but they also protect your workers from the hazards of lifting heavy equipment or products.

Automated Storage Package

>Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical lift modules allow a wide range of materials to be easily stored and accessed autonomously. The software integrates with your pre-existing system making controlling your item flow intuitive and quick.

The risk to operators is reduced as they no longer have to interact with as many heavy packages and materials. Modules can hold weights of up to 2,200 lbs. and can be outfitted with multiple types of trays and storage units of differing volumes.

>Vending Machines

Workers will have access to the tools and inventory they require fast with vending machines. Items commonly used by your employees can be stocked in vending machines, such as tools, supplies, and safety equipment required to complete an operation.

Industrial vending machines do not require cash to operate; Instead, an employee can scan their ID card and gain access to what they need. After the item has been used, it is returned to the vending machine. The integrated software will take account of all your items, and when they are presently in use. This translates to more effective warehouse management and higher worker productivity.

Automated Storage Software

Bins, Totes & Containers

Practical storage options are key to running an efficient warehouse or business. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer a number of storage solutions to help save space and improve efficiency in your business. Labeling, color-coding, and dividers provide a variety of ways to create an organizational system that will help your employees and customers locate inventory quickly. Your customers and employees can also select the exact number of items they need more effectively.

>Plastic Shelf Bins

Plastic shelf storage bins are a useful way to store parts, supplies, and keep materials organized. Utilize a color-coding system to minimize searching and errors, and choose plastic shelf bins that will fit your shelving unit sizes. You can accessorize your bins with covers, width dividers, labels, and bin cups. Empty plastic shelf bins can be stored inside each other to minimize space use.

Bins Totes Containers

Plastic shelf bins can sit on a single- or double-sided pick rack system, be used as a stand-alone, or used on a bench rack. They are waterproof to protect the contents, and incredibly easy to wipe out and clean. This makes them a better option than wood, mesh, or metal shelf bins.

>Plastic Bins, Corrugated Bin Boxes, and Tote Boxes

Plastic storage bins and tote boxes help maintain organization of your inventory and improve productivity for your employees. Bin boxes can be hung on louvered panels or rails, or stacked on shelves. You can fit your plastic bin boxes with labels dividers, and lids to further customize your inventory storage. These are a versatile storage option, especially for keeping smaller items organized. Bin boxes are easier to access and locate needed items, as opposed to storing items in drawers.

Corrugated bin boxes provide additional storage options for small items and inventory. Many retail businesses, hospitals, auto parts stores, and convenience stores depend on corrugated bin boxes to keep things organized and displayed for customers.

Plastic tote boxes are stackable and provide vertical storage options for your inventory. You can create a color-coding system to create your own organizational system. You can find them with or without lids for stackability, and with labels to increase productivity for workers who need to locate supplies quickly. Heavy-duty plastic tote boxes are incredibly durable and will last for many years.

Cages & Wire Partitions

Solid, well-constructed wire partitions are an excellent option to control your products, segregate areas and to help keep your workers and products safe.

Cages & Wire Partitions

Carton Flow – Order Picking

Order picking has never been easier with carton flow systems that improve efficiency and productivity in your warehouse. These storage solutions decrease picking time and maximize storage space. Capacities and sizes can be customized to fit into your warehouse space. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer a number of carton flow options and pick applications to optimize your order picking system.

Carton flow rack systems make materials easy to reach and move and decrease the time spent picking items. Carton flow racks keep the SKUs in front, rather than side-by-side, which utilizes more space and allows for quicker scanning. Carton flow racks can be customized in both width and capacity for your warehouse.

>Full-Width Rollers

Full-width rollers utilize a gravity conveyor and provide a fluid moving system without the actual use of moving parts. Roller tracks begin on pallet rack shelves, and the unloading process is easy because gravity flow takes over.

Full-width rollers can be set up for First-In, Last-Out (FILO) or First-In, First-Out (FIFO) configurations. FILO rollers work by putting the first product on the front of the rack, while the next product pushes against it and slide the first product back, moving all items onto the carton flow roller.

Carton flow

Roller rack systems that utilize FIFO load the tote or carton from the back and materials roll forward towards the picking aisle.

>Carton Flow Wheel Bed

Wheel beds provide an innovative way to place varying sizes of inventory without the need for moving equipment. Wheel beds can be implemented directly into your existing rack system for added convenience. Wheel beds are more versatile than full-width rollers, which works well for businesses with inventory that differs greatly in the same lane.

If your business changes product lines often or has high-traffic picking, wheel beds can be changed quickly by just adjusting the in-feed guides to match the new product’s dimensions.

>Pick Modules

A pick module is a multi-level racking system that incorporates the use of carton flow racks, conveyors, static racks, pallet flow racks, and carousels to optimize pick time and saves space. In elevated spaces, pick modules make picking more efficient by eliminating walking time and bringing inventory directly to shipping stations. Voice-directed or pick-to-light upgrades make these modules especially advanced.

Pick Modules

Pick modules with pallet and carton flow can be replenished from the load side, which means that the orders are picked in the proper order. Pick modules installed vertically also save significant space and making your picking operations easier.


Industrial strength conveyor belts are one of the best ways to streamline your warehouse and effectively mobilize your stock, equipment, and materials. Since conveyor belts are such an essential element in the warehouse, you cannot afford to get rid of them when changing things up on the work floor. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer a solution. We can provide your warehouse with conveyor belt storage racks so you can save your conveyor belts while you optimize your business space.

>Rack rolls for conveyor materials

The standard conveyor rack allows for your conveyor material to be rolled up and stored away securely and safely above the floor. Rack rolls are good for all materials you may be using for your conveyor belt, whether it be PVC or rubber conveyor belt material.

Racks are designed to be versatile and adaptable to your warehouse environment. They feature a modular extension to fit your exact storage situation. Racks can be deployed free-standing or planted against walls. None of your material will touch the ground, ensuring that the integrity of your conveyor belt will remain intact and ready for its next use.

Conveyors Expandable Flexible

>Proper conveyor material storage

By their nature, conveyor belt storage materials cannot be stored like regular equipment. They cannot be placed on decks, which can cause the conveyor belt to develop camber when placed on a track for use. Camber causes an uneven surface on the material, which can create bumps and cause the product to bounce and possibly become damaged in transit.

The bars on a conveyor belt storage rack allow for the material to retain its natural shape and smooth flat surface, so that when the belt is reinstalled your product can be transported safely.

Keeping your rolls of conveyor belt material off the ground is also an important step to avoid warping and disfiguration. Belts stored directly on the ground are at risk of absorbing moisture and other particulates that can damage the material.

Conveyor material should be stored in temperature appropriate locations within the warehouse. It is always smart to avoid placing your belts in places that feature extreme temperatures. Heat and cold can warp the track causing problems and potential for objects being transported on the belt to become damaged.

>Storing extra belts

Conveyor belt storage racks also offer an excellent insurance policy if there is a conveyor belt failure for any reason in the warehouse. With a stocked conveyor belt storage rack, you can have a replacement belt ready to go quickly. This can help protect your schedule and bottom line from any unforeseen delays that can occur on the work floor.

Conveyors Belt

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