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The Tray™ Issue #31 – 2021 The Year of Efficiency: Solutions to Bring More Efficiency, Organization, and Production to Your Facility and Warehouse Locations

The Tray™ Issue #31 – 2021 The Year of Efficiency: Solutions to Bring More Efficiency, Organization, and Production to Your Facility and Warehouse Locations

The Tray Facility and Warehouse Optimization

This is a Special 4-Part Series for 2021. Read:  1  |  2   |  3  |  4

Modular Buildings

Our commercial modular buildings enable you to order a structure that suits your exact needs. Whether you’re in need of a guard shack or an in-plant office, temporary modular or permanent modular constructions offer a great solution to your space needs.

>Modular Clean Rooms

Clean rooms offer your business a controlled environment for the handling and production of highly sensitive materials. Clean rooms are held to a very high standard and installed under extraordinarily meticulous guidelines, to guarantee the safety of your quality during production.

It is essential that models be installed without flaw. Therefore the installation team must be familiar with the process. It is necessary to consider the classification of your sensitive products when choosing the clean room that is best for your business’ needs. Clean rooms are available in prefabricated models saving you money while still bringing you a safe environment in which to handle your sensitive materials.

Modular Clean Rooms

>CMM Room

A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) room is a variation of a modular building. Most CMM enclosures require environmentally controlled temperature and humidity to avoid any expansion or contraction of the measuring machinery being used and the components being checked.

In many facilities, the company must place the Coordinate Measuring Machine rooms in an area that may be exceptionally hot, such as a molten metal casting room. This necessitates a strictly controlled environment to accurately record all the 3D points on the components.

>Fork-liftable Offices

Forkliftable buildings, or small, modular structures that can be moved wherever you need them, can be a great way to expand office space, add a computer room, a quality control booth or a security office. Whatever you need, these pre-assembled structures can help accommodate any warehouse.

>Guard Shack

Plant owners and warehouse managers want to keep their facilities secure. Security requires a variety of systems, including keeping an eye on the premises’ interior and exterior.

One aspect of security is keeping track of traffic entering and leaving the grounds of the plant. Keeping track of the people coming onto the property helps increase workers’ safety and reduces the risk of theft or loss.

Modular Buildings Guard Shack

>In-Plant Office

Industrial plants and warehouses require manufacturing and office space. However, building permanent structures might interfere with ever-changing operations and space requirements. In-plant modular offices offer the solution to this problem. These spaces are used to control the environment and reduce noise. Modular in-plant office systems offer the comfort and convenience of conventional, standard on-site constructed office buildings at a mere fraction of the cost.

>Smoking Shelter

Smokers will want to smoke during their breaks. Most places now require smoking areas to be outside or completely set apart from the main building.

The shelters provide smokers with a legitimate place to smoke, avoiding possible safety hazards. Shelters also keep smokers away from doorways. People who don’t smoke can take his or her breaks separately and avoid exposure to second-hand smoke.

Smoking Shelter


In today’s modern business industry environment, your warehouse needs the added advantage of automated storage to stay relevant. You do not want to be left behind as storage and retrieval becomes quicker, easier, and more cost-efficient. At Shelving + Rack systems, Inc., we can provide industrial quality automated storage racks that allow your business to thrive and grow.

>Backstop Beams – Offset Safety

Over time, we’ve come to realize that one of our customers’ most common concerns is that a forklift operator may inadvertently place a pallet on a rack too far back, thus causing it to tip unsafely or—worse yet—fall. Similarly, other customers are finding that building walls are being damaged by the pallets resting against them.

In many instances, these potentially serious situations can be easily avoided with the installation of Shelving + Rack Systems’ offset pallet rack backstop beams. These beams provide a positive “stop” for the forklift operator, thus informing them in a safe way that they have reached the back of the pallet rack.

>Cantilever Racking

Cantilever rack storage systems are the most efficient solution for storing and organizing furniture in warehouse facilities, especially lengthy, bulky, odd-sized, and cumbersome items.

With cantilevered racking systems, storage space for furniture such as sofas, couches, mattresses, cabinets, desks, tables, and chairs, can easily be organized and optimized. Access is easy and unencumbered. Therefore it is quick to store and locate items for retrieval.

Cantilever Racking

>Carpet Rack

Carpet roll storage can be challenging in any store or warehouse due to the variety of diameters and lengths that carpet comes in. That’s why facilities must have well-designed carpet storage racks to meet their carpet storage needs and protect their carpet supply integrity.

Carpet roll storage

>Carton Flow Racks

Carton flow racks take advantage of gravity to restock product and supplies. These racks have shelves angled sloping down and use rollers or bed wheels to propel product to the front of the storage rack automatically.

You load this type of rack from the back of the rack. The design increases efficiency if you use a first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory rotation. This is a particularly important if your deal in products that spoil easily and where expiration dates play a critical role in the production and delivery cycle.

Carton Flow Racks

>Die Rack

An integral part of the manufacturing process in every industry from making paper clips, to vehicle components, to machine assembly are forming, molding and stamping dies. Although necessary and commonplace, the bulky dimensions and heavyweight often make them difficult to handle. Dies, tooling, and other manufacturing equipment can be awkward to store because of their inability to be stacked and their large variations in weight and size.

>Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack

Drive-In and Drive-Thru racks are high capacity storage options for pallet storage systems. The system consists of pallet racks that are wide enough for the forklift to drive into, allowing for deeper storage than standard racking styles, which are often only one pallet position deep. These Drive-In and Drive-Thru Racking Systems can store materials as many loads deep and high that is practical for your application. They do not require a special forklift for access, we design the system around your forklift and building space.

>Drum Storage Rack

Drum storage requires strict adherence to the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations, particularly when storing hazardous or flammable liquids. We understand that protecting, organizing, and storing these drums is a primary concern for your business. There are four main drum storage solutions available that can address these concerns.

Drum Storage Rack

>Furniture Cantilever Rack

Cantilever rack storage systems are the most efficient solution for storing and organizing furniture in warehouse facilities, especially lengthy, bulky, odd-sized, and cumbersome items.

With cantilevered racking systems, storage space for furniture such as sofas, couches, mattresses, cabinets, desks, tables, and chairs, can easily be organized and optimized. Access is easy and unencumbered. Therefore it is quick to store and locate items for retrieval.

>Mobile Racking Storage Systems

Mobile pallet racks resemble fixed pallet racks. The racks mount on rolling carriages placed on tracks. The tracks are installed into the existing slab flooring and are ADA compliant.

The row of pallet racks moves sideways on the floor tracks. As each rack moves, a new aisle opens. Mobile rack systems can be four or more rows high. Coupled with the warehouse’s inventory control system, access to the product can be efficiently achieved, pulling everything needed from the first rack, then moving it to the next.

Mobile Racking Storage Systems

>Over Dock Door Pallet Storage Racks

Over dock door pallet storage systems can help with this type of storage problem. They remain conveniently located for immediate use, yet when stored over the loading dock doors they are out of the way in what is frequently unused space.

Over dock door, pallet storage solves several other problems. First, clutter is cleared from the loading dock keeping the warehouse organized and tidy. In addition, pallets are not stored in areas needed for higher-value items. Finally, stacks of pallets on the floor can sometimes be dangerous.

Over Dock Door Pallet Storage Racks

>Pallet Flow Rack

A pallet flow rack, also known as ‘gravity flow’ is a type of racking system that provides an excellent solution for when a first-in-first-out (FIFO) system is needed. It is typically used in operations that have a high inventory turnover and require quick access to products. They can be found primarily in manufacturing environments where many pallets of the same product are produced. Others will use Flowrack to stage orders that are ready for shipment, or many times in picking systems to store pallet loads of product for high volume case picks.

>Pallet Racking System

Pallet racks are necessary to maximize space in storage and product selectivity in facilities. Since patented in the 1940s, businesses have used pallet racks to efficiently increase storage density by utilizing vertical space to store pallets of materials off the ground. This material handling system is the most popular system found in warehouses, manufacturing plants and other storage facilities.

Pallet Racking System

>Pallet Rack Decking

Pallet rack decking keeps your employees and merchandise safe by reducing the risks of falling materials, and it helps you improve warehouse efficiency by increasing product visibility. You can choose from a range of materials such as pallet rack wire decking, decking boards, corrugated or perforated decking, and various support structures depending on your needs.

A wire rack system typically uses heavy-duty steel wire to support pallet weights. The wire mesh deck does not damage the pallet wood, but provides excellent support, often using a waterfall edge that overlaps the rack beam.

>Pallet Rack Hardware

We want to keep you up to date and safe with your pallet rack maintenance.

Pallet Racking must safely withstand unloading and loading. The proper safety lock prevents the beams from accidentally dis-engaging when the load below it is lifted up too high. Without them, the beam wouldn’t be secure, and there is the risk they could come out and cause an injury from a falling pallet.

>Push Back Pallet Racking

Push back racking systems are a high-density storage solution that allows pallets to sit 2-6 deep. Used in a wide variety of industries, push back storage racking enables warehouses to have wider aisles because the pallets sit on nested carts, one behind the other.

Using a first-in-last-off (FILO) system, the pallets are loaded and unloaded at the front of the rack solution. The first pallet is loaded onto a cart that rests on inclined rails, and gravity moves the goods gently toward the back of the push back pallet racking system.

>Rack End Aisle Protectors

Rack end aisle protectors are a useful addition to any pallet racking system to protect against damage caused by forklift trucks. They are particularly beneficial in fast-paced, high volume warehouses where there is a lot of activity on a regular basis and therefore a higher risk of accidents involving forklift trucks.

The end of the aisle is the part of your racking system that is most likely to be damaged because this is where forklift traffic is the heaviest. Therefore, end aisle protectors can shield against damage caused by impact, which helps to protect your complete racking system investment.

>Rack Safety Products & Accessories

The safety of your rack system is paramount to its success in your business operations. Some racks have built-in safety features, but if not, or if you need to augment the built-ins, there are several types of rack safety accessories available.

Consider investing in additional rack safety accessories during the installation of new racks. Adding any one or more of the multiple design modifications and accessories available will extend the life of your rack, prevent damage from daily-use, and help safeguard your workers.

Rack Safety Products & Accessories

>Roll Out Racks

Roll out sheet metal racks offer a high efficiency, high capacity storage option for your business. This style of storage racking can support up to 5,000 pounds of material, heavier capacities are available. The roll out sheet metal racks are customizable, so you can remove or add shelving.

This type of racking reduces the amount of physical labor necessary for loading and unloading storage racks and shelves, which can also help you to lower the chance of accident and injury amongst employees as well as increase workplace morale.

Structural Racking

>Structural Racking

Structural racking is engineered from hot-rolled structural steel to offer a durable solution for warehouses. It is constructed from heavy channel steel and can carry more loads than other types of racking systems like roll formed racks. They can also withstand impact from forklifts. This durability makes structural racking an ideal solution for fast-paced warehouses.

The horizontal load beams are connected to uprights using bolts, which makes structural racking particularly strong and able to hold great loads. This also allows the racking to be reconfigured, dismantled, and constructed as needed, making it extremely versatile.


Specialized shelving systems play a leading role in ensuring every square foot of your warehouse is utilized effectively. Equipping your factory or warehouse with the right shelving will save you both time and money. Allstor Rivet shelving is a great option for organizing heavier items or bulk goods but can still be configured to serve multiple purposes.

>Allstor Rivet Shelving

Allstor Shelving is a trusted name and a superior product. When our customers ask us for durable, high-performance storage options, we give them Allstor.

Whether it’s Lo-Pr0 Shelving, Wide span Bulk Shelving, or a combination of both. Known for their reliability at delivering quality solutions, Allstor has become a staple of the material handling industry for a number of reasons.

>Archival Box Shelving

Archival box shelving provides a space-saving storage system for organizing your archived files and documents easily and efficiently and making locating records more manageable.

The shelving comes in assorted styles and sizes to meet your specific storage needs and space.

Archival Box Shelving

>Automotive Shelving

Our automotive sliding shelving systems have an open shelf design so that even your oddest components will have a place. The unique sliding dividers make this system entirely customizable. It comes with a set of dividers that easily slide in and out of the shelves, which allows you to create customized cubby holes of any size or number.

Additionally, steel modular drawers are available, which slide onto the shelf to hold small parts. This system makes it easy to organize and catalog inventory.

>Mobile Shelving

We have engineered lower cost ideas that can grow your production without adding an inch to your footprint. A mobile shelving system will fit very well into your storage space. Both manually-operated and electrically-powered systems are available. The industrial warehouse shelving or rack units are installed on bases that ride on the tracks-rails that are installed on the floor. The rails are ADA compliant. At the end of each unit, placards may be attached to identify what is contained in that row.

>Office Shelving

Offices have short-term and long-term needs for file storage. Short-term storage involves items which owners and staff members need access to quickly. Usually, these records pertaining to current or active matters.

Long-term storage needs involve records from previous years. They can help support the history of the business, as well as provide documentation for taxation and other authorities. These records may need to be stored in bulk, in a secure location.

Office Shelving

>Open Shelf filing & X-Ray Shelving

When it comes to large scale filing systems- open shelf file storage for patient medical records, legal files, and X-Rays require open-shelf filing so healthcare staff can quickly locate and access records at a glance. The shelving will accommodate files in an organized and efficient manner.

You can adjust open-shelf filing to fit whatever sort of physical files you maintain. Common sizes are for letter size files, legal size files, and X-ray, there are customizable configurations let you optimize the space you have available.

Open Shelf filing & X-Ray Shelving

>Shelving Hardware

Shelving hardware consists of the vital components needed for your shelving systems to ensure they remain safe and secure. There are a variety of shelving hardware items available including shelf clips, floor anchors, safety clips, clips, nuts, bolts, and pins that can all be used to support shelving structures.

As shelving can be taken down and moved within a warehouse, it’s easy for shelf clips and other components to become lost or damaged. Shelving + Rack Systems stocks a wide variety various manufacturers of shelving hardware for repairs or for replacing missing pieces.

>Steel Industrial Shelving

Metal Shelving is a cost-effective, strong, durable and versatile system. Our steel shelves have a welded box beam construction, corners that are lapped/welded and side flanges with triple bends. Shelves attach to the uprights with 4 independent compression type clips and come in three types to meet a range of load capacities up to 1,000 pounds per shelf uniformly loaded.

We offer a diverse inventory of steel shelving systems, with a variety of accessories, sizes, and finishes, to ensure a perfect match for any business’ storage needs. Steel shelving is perfect for storage of items that are oily – greasy.

>Widespan Bulk Shelving

Widespan or bulk shelving commonly referred to as bulk rack is the perfect solution for products that are too small for a pallet rack but too large for traditional shelving. This type of storage shelving system is best-suited for inventory that is individually handled and not on pallets.

Some businesses prefer this type of shelving because of its modular design and adjustable shelves which allows greater flexibility for expansions in the future. Companies with unique products that require piece-picking or that have a low turnover rate are ideally suited for widespan shelving.

Widespan Bulk Shelving

>Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is steel wire welded together. Each wire shelf is framed with trussed wire and contains a steel wire mesh. Our shelves are available in various materials and finishes, including chrome, bright zinc finish, and epoxy-coated stainless steel, to prevent corrosion. Round posts support the shelving units and have notches for the shelf collars. Most units have adjustable shelves.

Wire Shelving

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