5 Industrial Shelving Types and Applications

Industrial Shelving Types

Industrial shelving provides your operation with a key tool necessary to keep your warehouse operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Industrial shelving comes in many different sizes, shapes, and weight ratings depending on your individual needs.

Here are just some of the types of industrial shelving available:

#1: Standard: 48″ Wide

This standard type of metal shelving unit has a 600 lb. weight limit per shelf and is great for warehouses with high turnover rates.

The clips that come with the shelves lock them firmly in place and do not require any tools during setup.

Sections are pre-engineered and have welded corners for added durability and strength.

#2: Heavy-Duty Tool and Die Shelving

If you stock heavier items that require a forklift or overhead crane to load or unload, then you may want to consider Tool and Die shelving.

Each unit has two roll-out shelves that extend fully for easy access.

Tool and Die shelves are perfect for heavy dies, tools, and just about any large, heavy and bulky part.

The heavy-duty frame has thick, reinforced angles, with rollout shelves measuring 48” wide and 36” deep.

The entire shelf has 7 gauge steel and 12 gauge deck reinforcement.

The units come with holes specifically for anchoring it to the floor.

The shelf clearance is 22” and requires some assembly.

The load capacity is rated at 1,000 lbs. per shelf.

#3: 4-Shelf Mobile Units

The 4-shelf mobile unit shelves an overall weight capacity of 1,200 lbs. You can adjust the shelves in 1” increments.

The carts have 2-5” casters and braking casters.

You have a choice of two types of mobile shelving units.

The first is a four shelf cart with four shelves and four posts. The second option is a three-sided cart with four shelves, and four posts, and with the addition of enclosure panels.

#4: Industrial Boltless Shelving

Industrial Boltless Shelving

Designed for an easy and fast assembly that requires no bolts or screws. This metal shelving unit gives access from all four sides without any cross bracing.

The time-saving assembly drops into place with four shelves per unit. Everything snaps together without any bolts, nuts, or clips.

The top shelf is easily accessible, allowing more efficient use of vertical space.

The Standard Duty Single Rivet unit ranges in sizes from 36 x 18 x 72″ to 48 x 30 x 72” and can hold 500-600 lbs.

The Heavy Duty Double Rivet units ranges from 36 x 18 x 72″ to 48 x 30 x 72” and hold 1,000-1,2000 lbs. per shelf.

#5: Klip-It™ Industrial Steel Shelving – Light Duty

The Klip-It™ Industrial Steel Shelving is a high-quality system specifically designed for heavy-duty storage needs.

The simple assembly saves time and money. Each unit comes with compression clips which allow you to adjust the shelves depending on the product by simply pulling them off and snapping them into place.

This dependable shelving unit gives excellent strength and reliable support for whatever item you are storing.

The offset angle for the compression clip allows these shelves to support significantly heavier loads than a standard industrial shelf.

The shelves are manufactured using rolled cold steel, and the design incorporates triple bends on all four sides for added strength.

Closed units feature end and back panels. Starter units come with two sway braces. Additional add-on units come with one brace.

This quality industrial shelving unit has a rust-resistant phosphatized coating that makes cleaning and maintenance simple.

The coating also allows the paint to adhere easier and last longer with minimal flaking.

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