Used Pallet Rack Shelving – Worth the Investment?

Used Pallet Rack Shelving

Pallet racking is an essential piece of storage equipment in an industrial facility, and you can get excellent value for your money by purchasing a used pallet rack system. New equipment can be expensive, and you may not need it all year-round. Buying used pallet racking systems enables you to have good storage solutions without going over your budget.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we provide high-quality used pallet racking systems you can add to as your business grows. There are many benefits to purchasing pre-used racking.

Buying Used Pallet Rack Shelving Saves Money

Whether you are equipping a new warehouse facility or growing your existing storage structures, it’s essential to make every dollar count. Efficient warehouse operations run on tight margins, and you can significantly lower costs by purchasing used pallet racking.

You may find suppliers have a wide price variation for different racks depending on age and condition. It’s possible to find storage solutions that meet your budget while still providing plenty of racking space to store your goods.

Used Pallet Rack Shelving Quality Control

A reputable used pallet racking supplier conducts rigorous quality control inspections to ensure the equipment performs as required. Before you buy used racking, it’s essential to carry out due diligence and ask to see the structures first.

If it is not practical to visit the supplier’s premises, you can request photos and videos that show the storage racks are suitable for heavy-duty use. Be wary of a retailer who is reluctant to allow you to view the equipment, which could mean it is low quality.

Always look for a frame and shelves that use a teardrop pallet racking design. This system prevents shelves from coming loose when correctly placed in the teardrop-shaped holes, adding an extra layer of security for your staff and merchandise.

Used Pallet Rack Shelving Performance

If the pallet racking has already performed for months or years in a warehouse storage facility, this is a sign it can endure extended use in busy environments. New equipment may be untested in a real-world setting and could lose its rigidity too early.

If the warranty is out of date, this could leave you with expensive pallet racking with too much risk.

Used Pallet Rack Shelving Aesthetics

Used pallet racking is likely to have some minor scrapes and scuffs on the metalwork.

However, if you prefer a shiny surface on your used pallet racking, you can quickly restore the frame to good-as-new condition by adding a coat of paint. If you regularly have customers or clients visiting your warehouse, this is a cost-efficient way to project a professional appearance.

Used Pallet Rack Delivery Speed

When purchasing new pallet racking, suppliers may not have the product available for immediate shipping. However, used warehouse racks are already in the supplier’s possession, allowing them to deliver the items immediately after purchase.

Warehouse managers often need to respond quickly to changing storage requirements, and brand-new warehouse equipment may not be available for weeks or months. Buying used pallet racking from a reliable supplier allows you to keep your business agile and capable of adapting faster than your rivals.

Investing in The Right Type of Pallet Rack Shelving

Purchasing the type of used pallet racking system is essential to ensure you can maximize your warehouse efficiency. Investing in the wrong racking system can slow down your workflow and leave staff and customers frustrated. There are several used pallet rack systems to consider.

Used Selective Pallet Rack Shelving

Selective pallet racking allows you to pick whichever pallet you need from the rack. It uses a double-deep method, and a forklift operator can remove pallets from either side of the frame. Although it is one of the most convenient material handling systems, it is also the least effective for storage density.

Used Drive-In Pallet Rack Shelving

Drive-in racking allows forklift operators to maneuver between the frames and is one of the highest density storage systems. The driver places each pallet on side rails, with the previous pallet moving toward the frame’s back.

If staff need to access products and materials on the pallet at the rack’s rear, they need to move all the other pallets out of the way. However, warehouse managers with good organizational skills can gain a considerable amount of extra storage space when using a drive-in rack.

Used Pallet Flow Rack Shelving

Used pallet flow racking systems utilize gravity and rollers to move goods effortlessly to the front of the rack. When a forklift operator loads a pallet from the rear, the merchandise moves down a slight gradient unit before reaching its destination.

This type of rack equipment is a first-in-first-out (FIFO) system and is excellent for perishable goods with high rotation.

Used Cantilever Pallet Rack Shelving

Cantilever rack shelving is suited to handling large and unwieldy items such as timber and steel poles. Although it is common to use this type of shelving without pallets, it is useful when working with long custom pallets.

Used Cantilever Pallet Rack Shelving

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