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Package Handling Lifts

In some operations, it is necessary to move boxes from one level to another-

Unfortunately, this can be a bottleneck in the operation, costing you valuable time and lost production.

To keep your operation moving as quickly as it can, they need to be moved safely and quickly as needed.

Package Handling Lifts

A Package Handling Lift is a machine that moves packages, boxes or totes from one level to one or more other levels.

They can be manual,or more commonly they are fully automatic outfitted with conveyors that move the totes onto the lift at one level, raise or lower, then off the lift at another level.

Promote safety in the workplace, by ergonomically deleting repetitive lifting motions reducing strain on workers’ backs.

Use of Package Handling Lifts

They are ideal for high-speed operations that necessitate lifting of cartons, containers, tote boxes, packages or cases.

If you are considering a spiral or inclined conveyor- a package handling lift may be a good alternative as they will use considerably less floor space. Perfect for use in fully-automated or conveyorized systems

Use them to transport loads from one floor to another, to a mezzanine level and also in a conveyor system that has multiple levels.

They can have loading and unloading on up to three sides. Typical product flow patterns are “C,” “Z” and “L.”


They have a quiet and smooth counter-weighted lifting mechanism that minimizes required horsepower and will save energy costs. Available with high-speed variable frequency or Servo drive packages that ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration control in high-speed, automated systems.

They are completely self-contained, OSHA compliant, economical and self-supporting.

For indoor use only.

Normal load capacities of up to 500 lbs., standard travel speed is 60 FPM and standard platform size 3’x 3’. Thera are many variations available to handle just about any application

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