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Storage Automation Software

Automated storage and retrieval systems allow for the efficient use of space in a warehouse or other storage facility, while fully automating the process of managing the stored goods.

A series of Vertical Lift Modules and carousels are computer-controlled by dedicated management software that can be fully integrated into your computer systems for an effective and labor-efficient solution for material handling.

Benefits of Automated Storage Software

Automated storage software technology orchestrates the management of storage systems, freeing up both human labor in the warehouse and the administration of a company’s inventory, streamlining processes for maximum efficiency.

By reducing the need for human labor in the warehouse, safety is automatically increased, and goods can be stored more densely than if they were to be handled by warehouse workers.

Through the introduction of automatic processes, the computer-controlled organization of storage areas, and the elimination of unnecessary parts, the impact on the environment is reduced while at the same time cutting costs.

When to Consider Automated Storage Software

Many companies expend vast amounts of time and money each year conducting audits on inventory, searching for goods or re-organizing warehouse storageComing Soon …e space. The software either makes these processes much simpler or eliminates them entirely by automatically organizing stock and providing instant access to up-to-the-minute information on stock availability and location.

While the greatest benefits are to be found by companies with larger warehouses saving on the time taken to fetch goods, smaller warehouses will also benefit from reductions in human error and a steep rise in pick rates.

With deep integration into existing software systems, automated storage software can also drastically decrease the time spent administrating orders, deliveries, and re-stocks.

While an automated storage system presents a significant initial investment for a company, this investment is soon recuperated in the time and money saved through increased productivity.

Integration with Other Software Systems

The Integrated Supervisory Software (ISS) that we provide allows for seamless integration with any existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, ensuring your automated storage system can be connected to your other core business processes. This can facilitate automatic re-orders of goods, saving time and boosting productivity.

Features of Our Automated Storage Software

Operators control the software through an intuitive operating system accessed through a user-friendly touch-screen console. Safety and security can be safe guarded using password-protected areas in the software. This ensures each operator only has access to those areas of the software deemed suitable by the management, according to their role or seniority.

The software manages goods received and delivered through the preparation of orders and packing checklists. It assists in product flow administration, stock inspection, and quality control.

Product quantity can be measured at any given time, offering complete trace ability and the ability to produce accurate audit trails.

The software is also capable of automatic intervention at scheduled times to perform routine maintenance tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Wireless communication between the operating system and the various modules is achieved using radio-frequency signals.

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